Dragon’s Milk by New Holland

This is Dragon’s Milk by New Holland brewing. It is an Ale Aged in Oak Barrels. It is a sweet stout at 10% ABV. By sweet I mean it feels like a big dose of chocolate milk. It is not boozy so I don’t feel the alcohol. The brew has alot of vanilla, caramel, bourbon and chocolate. There is not alot of coffee flavor like other stouts. The combination is literally like having a chocolate milk. There isย also some fruit notes like raisins, cherries and plums. It is easy to drink amazingly and smooth, well from most strong beers I have had. It is not like the Santa’s Little Helper barrel aged as that one is strong because you can sense the alcohol. You mostly have a lot of sweet sugar going down. There is also minor bitterness in the after taste. A hard beer to find as this is mainly from Michigan. Wish I could find a 6 pack of this. For those that like stouts or sweet beers, this might be a good try.


One thought on “Dragon’s Milk by New Holland

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