Arrogant Bastard Ale by Stone

Salutes to you Arrogant Bastard, for your beer is friggin great. Nice initial taste and kicks you in the nuts bitter XP

REVISIT: A tribute and a revisit review to the real “King of Beers”. Not talking about that macro brew stuff that gives a bad name to the true meaning of beer in the world, but the true root of evil. Yeah, that yellow fizzy beverage that claims it is the truest of beer, Budweiser!!. The true arrogant bastard with hardly any flavor and a multi-million dollar campaign claiming it rules everything. Now, I am not saying that the beer is completely bad, I am saying that companies like them seem to feel like they are better than everyone. They will pay top dollar to make sure it stays that way. Anyways, this ale here is quite one of the best ales out there and a true warrior amongst the craft world. This is the Arrogant Bastard. I will admit, many will not like its extremely bitter flavor. Some have to be at a certain level of appreciation to truly take on this beer. In fact, the philosophy of the bastard is almost like that of the Bushido: “Forget about self and awaken to the truth. Drop off Illusion, Look at things the way they really are and realize no-self. Kill Selfish Desires, Bravely Face all Enemies”. It is made with the natural ingredients. Several malts, hops and yeast. The beer is a 7.2% Alc/Vol American Strong Ale. It is much like an IPA with a lot of bitterness but it also has rich malt flavor. Not much like chocolate or coffee. More of a caramel, toffee and bitter vanilla. The hoppy strong flavors of pine, citrus and grass.The bitterness stays in your tongue for a while but this is the awesome part as this beer goes well with meat like steak, roast or even Angus burger. One of my favorite ales and simply one of the best world class beers out there…that is if your worthy enough to take on this samurai of beers…good luck….>:)

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