Hello my name is Ingrid by Brewdog

Hello my name is Ingrid by Brewdog is as the label says, a sophisticated Bermanesque IPA.This brew goes to my awesome friend Ingrid Mota. In tribute for being an awesome friend, besides the fact that this beer has her name on it :P. As I drink this beer there is a sense of alot of different flavors. Mainly more sweet that bitter. A very hard to come by beer according to brewdog of the UK as they were unable to to fill all the orders since it’s release of March 2011. Lucky I found this somewhere very very secret >:). I had to put Ramona Flowers on this art piece as the song came up “I heard Ramona Sing from Scott Pilgrim” as I was reviewing this beer. So I decided why not :P. Anyways….about this brew. Ingrid, in reference to the beer, is a Swedish silver screen icon or maybe it’d be the line seemingly spoken by every other Swedish actress in films from the 60s and 70s. Very Innocent at first but also very seductive body of rich malts and a buxom amount of Citra, Nelson Sauvin and Bramling Cross hops to Scandinavian cloud berries to deliver a raunchy tart taste to the grassy,grapefruit, piney IPA taste. It was designed by the BeerSweden Beer Blog. So Many flavors of apples and berries are found in this beer. It is very sweet and delicious. A Rarity of IPAs as it is a rarity in it’s entirety. It is like drinking berries and honey :P.The bitterness goes away right away and the berry/apple/citrus feel stays for as very long time. I do not regret picking this beer. I probably may never find it again but like I said as I try it, heard Ramona sing, Ingrid brew is an awesome thing 😛

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