Thirteenth Hour by Samuel Adams

ImageRating: 5/5Thirteenth Hour by Samuel Adams is a 9% ABV Dark Belgian Stout brewed with spices, coffee, chocolate and oak. This is the second time I finally found this beer again. It is easily in my top 10 beers that I enjoyed. I thought the last time I had this beer that it was the only time I would be able to find it again. Sam Adams was nice enough to release this again this year. In the perfect witching season too >:)

The 13th Hour Is The Witching Hour and a time when strange brews can occur With 13 ingredients, we combine the roasted chocolate and coffee notes of a stout with the complex spicy character of a Belgian-style ale aged in oak for a dark, robust, and bewitching brew. 

One of our brewers’ favorite places to experiment is in the barrel room at our Boston Brewery. It’s here that each of our Samuel Adams Barrel Room Collection brews was born. 

The beer fragrance is like that of the delicious coffee cake they gave in school if it was dipped in like a chocolate cherry liqueur. Belgian Stouts of this caliber are hard to find (Buffalo Belgian Stout, Art of Darkness, Belgian Yeti, etc.) Especially for me, one that is closer to Trois Pistoles and St. Bernardus Abt 12. In fact, it is because it is close to those, that this is a Dark Strong Belgian beer more than a Stout. Yet the defining properties of the Stout shine so well. Like the moon at night. The flavors of this beer explode with coffee cake, chocolate, mocha, banana , dark cherries, raisins, apples, port wine, vanilla, cinnamon, oak and bourbon. Definitely worth the try. I was one of the best for me at the first time and still is. 

2011 Review:
If St. Bernardus abt 12 was my Caramel bread.. This is my chocolate coffee bread. WOW… Simply wow!!!. I would totally say it is the truest of witches brews as the label says. This is the Samuel Adams 13th hour Dark Belgian Stout. A Belgian Dark Ale really like that of the Trois Pistole but if you were to combine a Chocolate/Coffee Imperial stout. The flavors are too good to be true. Why does this exist. Why can I only have one of these beers?. It is really sad that this is not as common as Trois Pistoles nor as common as the St Bernardus 12 becuase this is the true answer to the what if the best stout you could ever have would be something like this. A quad/stout hybrid with bready flavors, roasted malts, aged in barrels a la lost abbey. Damn it, Damn it damn it damnit !!!!. LMAO…..Samuel adams, for having a special reserve barrel room collection of beers, this is their latest and greatest and I must say…. You are the only beer on tap that I do choose when no other is available. I choose you because you don’t ever disappoint. But to bring out something this magnificent to a fan of stouts and Belgian dark ales is simply amazing. Top 3 to the best beers in the world for me…1 being between st bernardus 12, trois pistoles, franziskaner dark heff, arrogant bastard and ruination, Judgement Ale, Deliverance, Black Xantus and the 3 philosophers. How I will miss you as you are a reserve and hard to find :(…but this is why I write so I don’t forget..for beer tasting, for beer art, for beer experience, I thank you….who knew a dark Belgian could compliment a stout so extremely well

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