Four Anniversary Ale (Aged for 3 years) by Surly Brewing

1424457_10101539036984510_11028724_n 1458437_10101539040487490_689900917_nRating: 5.45/5

Four Anniversary Ale (Aged for 3 years) by Surly Brewing is a 10% ABV Double Espresso Milk/Sweet Stout brewed with Coffee

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You are holding four, Surly Brewing’s fourth anniversary beer. The idea behind our anniversary line-up of beers was to brew a beer that is one-of-a-kind. Head-Brewer Todd Haug has free reign to use whatever ingredients and methods to brew these beers. This year’s bottle artwork is also a one-of-a-kind illustrated by local artist Adam Turman.” Omar Ansari.

“In the Surly brewhouse brewing our Anniversary beers means one thing, forget what you know and try something different. Brewed with too many Espresso beans, too much Roasted Barley, and a healthy dose of Milk sugar, this Double Espresso Milk Stout has layers of chocolate, espresso and smoke flavors intertwined with a velvety lush body.” Todd Haug.

A rarity within itself. Only released in 2010 an now a days, you have to search deep to find this one. Another cellared gem which I am reviewing for the holidays. I have never tried this before, so trying it now will probably be a treat. I will describe this on as best I can to see if it will be worth it for you to seek out. Love the label too, which was one of the reasons I was looking for this one as well.

Lots of dark fruits like raisins, plums, cherry, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, rich espresso, mocha, roasted coffee, Java, caramel, old pear, slight champurrado atole, cinnamon notes, mild oak, mild tobacco, and lactose sugar

Like sweet rich cup of coffee, espresso, mocha, marshmallows, dark fruits going like raisins, cherry, plums, milk and dark chocolate, lots of lactose sugar, hints of cinnamon, caramel, java, flan notes, crème brulee notes and rye bread notes

Finish is of dark fruit, chocolate and lactose with a rich bitter roasted coffee aftertaste. Good luck finding the alcohol. Still, a sipper none the less, but the level of sweetness may make you want to drink the whole bottle…yeah, it is that enticing.

Very delicious exceeding expectations slightly. The aging of this beer may have been responsible for those awesome dark fruit notes but also maintains a sweet caramel infused, mocha coffee goodness that keeps going all throughout the beer. The coffee is there to detract the super sweetness and does a good job of it. It is not a super complex beer but damn does she deliver a good cup of Joe. Most of the flavors were spot on. It is not fancy coffee, but it is very delicious. I think this is the second best Coffee Stout I have ever had. If you like really sweet but nice roasted deep coffee beers, then yes, go get this one. 

Anime Corner:
Sayo Hitsugi from Triage X is paired with Surly Four for many reasons. Aside from her hair color and clothes more or less matching the label, there is also something about her personality that best suits the pairing. Aside from the evil mask that pairs with the skeletons in the background, and the fact that Surly makes evil beers, she also tends to be a harsh nurse. She shows no mercy towards anyone who is not her comrades and will kill to prove it. She is powerful and her armor and artillery proves it. Her aggressiveness can be represented by the double roastiness and bitter coffee aspects of the beer and the armor and strength is the Alcohol content. However, her sweet and thoughtful side is what has really developed since 2010 thus what makes this beer much more sweeter and showing those rich dark fruits and caramel flavors. Even if the label does not show it, this beer is just as evil as the other great Surly beers. Awesome