Aloha Piña by Five Stones of Cibolo Texas

1610106_10101650971332180_1630488230_nRating: 4.85/5

Aloha Piña by Five Stones of Cibolo Texas is a 6.43% ABV Golden Ale hand crafted with fresh Pineapple and Roasted Jalapeño.

“Dude, you need to brew a beer with pineapple and jalapeno!” The inspiration, of course, came while eating a Hawaiian Fire pizza with those toppings. 5 Stones Craft Brewing Company has brewed this American Golden Ale with massive amounts of fresh-cut pineapple, two-row crystal and dextrine malts, Amarillo hops, honey, and roasted jalapenos. Our hope is that you will enjoy this ale, share with friends, and have a “Aloha-Pina Moment” for yourself. To you, we say “Mahalo!” and thank you!

Another sweet hook up from Aaron at and his friends at Five Stones brewery out in Texas. Mahalo! Guys., it is an honor. So this beer is brewed with pineapples and Jalapeños. The only thing that I have tried that may come close to this could be the Stone 11.11.11 but then again this is more tropical than that I am sure. Well, on to the review to see what this special treasure is all about, Cheers!

Wow, very tropical aromas, citrus, mango, papaya, apples, grapefruit pineapple, peppercorn, honey, biscuit, flowers, caramel, subtle pepper spice. 

Definitely tasting the Jalapeño, not to the overwhelming heat but the very nice toasted and peppery notes are there along with pineapple, cherry, oranges, mango, papaya, kiwi, lemons, grassy and floral hops, mild honey, mild rye, caramel, biscuit bread, sourdough, apricot, peach, apples, melon, flowers, herbs and spices. Damn, just needs the sauce and we got us a pizza!

Finishing with the pineapple, mild peppery notes, flowers, honey and biscuit bread. No alcohol in the taste with a easy to moderate drinkability. Very refreshing and almost crisp. Also, after a couple of sips, the roasted Jalapeño heat will longer a bit. It is quite nice and warming.

Crazy and very delicious tropical beer. I can definitely see why the whole pizza thing was definitely the inspiration. It would pair so damn well too. Lots of tropical fruits along with the Jalapeño comes out freaking amazing. Damn, I wish they sold this here in California. I know I would pick this up often. Definitely recommended if you can get your hands on this for sure!

Anime Corner:
Tia Harribel from Bleach in her Resurreccion mode is the perfect pairing for this. You may not know, but here original form hides her face which is basically all skeleton all the way from her nose, down to her mouth, breast and collar bone. In her unleashed form she takes on a more human like persona. She is mainly a water type Espada that is truly more along the lines of a Shark. That aspect pairs with the just the tropics as well as the skull on the label. Her blonde hair and skin represent that of the golden ale and pineapple flavors. Her skin is that of a sunny suntanned which pairs with the beaches of Hawaii. The Flames in the background represent the fire blaze and kick of the Jalapeños in the beer. I you look at some of my other reviews with Tia Harribel, you will see her skeleton form. Can you find any other details about this pairing?