Sexual Chocolate by Foothills

Rating: 5.75/5

Sexual Chocolate by Foothills is a 9.75% ABV Russian Imperial stout aged in Bourbon barrels. If a beer was like having sex, maybe the flavor and aroma would be so good it would make some orgasm… This is a beer you take your time with. Too fast would make you pass out. LOL!!


A smooth, dark, cocoa infused Imperial Stout barrel aged for 4 months. Perfect for sipping and cellaring. A rich chocolate aroma twines seamlessly with delicious overtones of bourbon, vanilla, and oak. Notes of espresso, black strap molasses and caramel accentuate a dark chocolate backbone and complex layers of toffee and dark fruit.This beer is reminiscent of the Nectar Ales Black Xantus (which pairs awesome with chocolate cheese cake) with its delicious dark fruit flavors like cherry and raisins. Rich Milk chocolate, coffee, mocha, vanilla, caramel, bourbon, butterscotch, toffee, coconut, cherries, raisins, figs, oatmeal, french toast with chocolate and maple syrup. Maybe not as strong in terms of alcohol as Chocolate Rain or White chocolate, but it sure as hell gets way up there in the upper rank breaking beers for me :P. What can I say, I love chocolate, I love chocolate beers and these just happen to be that good and unfortunately hard to find. Consider yourself lucky to find this…Foothills was kind to release this once more this year but unfortunately at a limited supply.