Nitro Red Velvet by Ballast Point

16463436_10103973263594870_2426886073992062179_oRating: 5/5

Nitro Red Velvet by Ballast Point is a 5.5% ABV Golden Oatmeal Stout with Beets, Chocolate and Natural Flavors added.

Commercial Description:
This stout takes the cake.
Our Red Velvet oatmeal stout is a mind-bending beer. Like the cake that inspired it, the deep red color comes from beets, which add a rich, earthy character that complements the chocolate flavor and aroma. The foamy head of the nitro pour is our “icing”, adding a creamy smoothness to the mouthfeel. But this liquid dessert still finishes like a beer – not sweet, but just as satisfying.

It has been a very long time since I tried a Red Velvet Cake like beer. In fact, the only one I can remember was the Red Velvet from Buffalo Bayou brewing that my friend Aaron Mendiola from provided me with. That one was damn amazing and one I would have greatly love to get again. Now with Ballast Point creating their own, I feel like this would be supremely interesting. First and for most is the color. They took a pale golden stout and with the beets were able to get a red stout color. Something I have not seen before. Finally, the chocolate and other flavors would the stout flavors and mouthfeel. Let’s take a good look at how this turns out, Cheers!

Vanilla, chocolate, toffee, caramel, brown sugar, red velvet cake notes, raspberry cheesecake notes, coffee notes, cinnamon, Danish cream and dark fruit.

Rich red velvet cake, chocolate, milk chocolate, vanilla, toffee, dulce de leche notes, white chocolate, dark fruit raisins, cranberry, cherry, fruit cake, cinnamon, Danish cream, beet juice hints, Irish cream notes, strawberry shortcake notes, raspberry cheesecake notes, roasted coffee notes, lactose, flan notes, brown sugar, pecan pie, cherry cordial notes and sweetened condensed milk.

Finishes with lots of notes of vanilla, chocolate coffee, dark fruit notes, earthy hops and white chocolate. No alcohol in the taste, Ruby and Magenta clear body, smooth, creamy slightly thin but slightly velvety mouthfeel and very easy to drink.

Now that’s insane. This is damn liquid Red Velvet cake!! I think if it was more full bodied and richer it would be much higher in my opinion. Although this being nitro and smooth gives points as well as this being very unique. Enough to be not just a perfect beer but exceptional. Regardless, this beer is one I want to get more of whether on tap or on bottles. Red Velvet beers are hugely uncommon so this is something you definitely want to get. I highly recommend it.
Anime Corner:
Asuka Soryu Langley Shikinami from Neon Genesis Evangelion was used in this pairing as I wanted to get a pairing that would fit the whole feast fit for a king/queen theme. I have used 2 of these of pictures before but I had to bring them back as well as an additional one with Asuka wearing the crown and the eye patch. Not only does it fit with the king on the label but the Ballast Point theme of Fish and Pirates. A pirate king/queen. That and the whole red theme is all over with Asuka.


Red Velvet Stout by Buffalo Bayou brewing

10269541_10101765852175050_254817418796409083_nRating: 5.5/5

Red Velvet Stout by Buffalo Bayou brewing is a 6.3% ABV Sweet Milk Stout.

Richly decadent, this voluptuous dessert will seduce and ravage your taste buds, then cuddle with them in the afterglow.

Hints of cherries intermingle with a malt-forward, dark chocolate mouthfeel, finishing dry & savory.

Best enjoyed slightly chilled, in a Belgian tulip or snifter.

Red Velvet beer?! Yes it exist!! Where can you find it? In the heart of Texas that’s where. I have never tried a beer like this and frankly I was very excited when my friend Aaron at hooked up another great Texas goodie for us at the site so I definitely had to really analyze this is I am sucker for dessert beers. If you don’t like dessert beers, well, try reading some of my other reviews and Aaron’s too. We got plenty of beers you may want to know about. So, on with the Red Velvet!

Dark cherry, Dark chocolate milk chocolate, red velvet cake, dark fruit raisins, hazelnut, pecans, hints of flan, almond joy, coconut, dulce de leche caramel, brown sugar, vanilla and molasses.

Generous Red Velvet notes, Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, cherry hints, fudge cake, cheese cake sugar frosting, earthy hop and roasted barley, coconut hints, dulce de leche, vanilla hints, roasted coffee, lactose, cinnamon, hints of flan, brown sugar, molasses, dark fruit raisins and pecan pie.

Coffee roast, earthy hop notes, dark chocolate, cherry and lactose hints. No alcohol in the taste. A sipping beer despite the ABV. It has close to a full mouth feel.

This is a great beer and definitely meets a great standard in terms of dessert beers. It is almost like the time I had a white chocolate or the chocolate rain. If this beer was barrel aged, some very new heights this beer would take. Regardless, it was damn delicious and I don’t agree with the small score it has been give on the beer sites. The thing is probably because it is so new, but this little gem is just getting started. I hope this comes to California one day as I would pick up a couple for sure.

Anime Corner:
Yoko Littner from Tengen Toppa Gurren Laggan was used in this pairing to display the deliciousness of the Red Velvet. She is one of my favorite characters from the show and I wanted to show the awesomeness in label and the flavors too. The colors like the Red pair with the Red Velvet and cherry aspect. They always say put the cherry on top of the whipped cream but in this case, the reverse can be said as she has a white skull on her head. What’s the big gun for? It is for hunting Buffalo, well not literally but I would assume in the Bayou, it would come in handy.