New Albion Ale by New Albion brewing company and bottled under Samuel Adams

602003_10101089986749780_1985370367_nRating: 3.5/5

New Albion Ale by New Albion brewing company and bottled under Samuel Adams is 6%ABV reboot of the first American Pale Ale brewed in America which sparked the way for all brewing awesomeness as we see today.

Jack McAuliffe’s pioneering spirit paved the way for the American craft beer revolution. We’re rereleasing his original Pale Ale, with its distinct American hop character for the first time in 30 years in honor of Jack and his contributions to craft brewing. Cheers!

Aromas of this beer sweet honey, somewhat pilsnery, light flowery, slighty fruity and grassy and pretty much like a lager with some malty and some hop fragrances. The flavors are of slight grape, citrus, mild hoppy bitterness, some pilsnery aspects, slight honey, some grains, a touch of vanilla or caramel sweetness but very very slight. This beer is made with a 30 year old recipe and is quite historic. While it may not be on par with some of the greats of this time, I swear, it is still above some of the best lagers out there. This stuff is like borderline ale/lager. Also due to its symbolism in the craft beer movement, It gets my thumbs up and a must try even if at least once. This is how beers were back then and they were still the best alternative out there