Almond Flour Stout by Clown Shoes

Rating: 5/5

Almond Flour Stout by Clown Shoes is a 10% ABV Imperial Stout brewed with Almond Flour and Natural Flavors.

Moooooooo! Moooooooo! Moooooooo! The cow is jealous, because this stout was made with her nemesis, The Evilness Itself: Almond Flour! Yes, we did it, we made a concoction out of water and almond flour, then had Angel and Crasher taste test it for us. Wow! It was good. So we brewed this Stout with it for you, California. Lactose-free! Mooooooooooooooooo!

Lots of almonds, marzipan, milk shake, dulce de leche, mocha and chocolate yohoo flavors. Definitely one to get!

Delirium Red by Brouwerij Huyghe

10426151_10101996997078810_4850120658206662064_n 10550839_10101996996155660_6579595954685518234_nRating: 5/5

Delirium Red by Brouwerij Huyghe is a 8% ABV Belgian Kriek brewed with Stevia and cherries.

Colour and sight: Deep dark red colour, with a light pink, compact and lacing head. Scent: Soft fruity aroma, with hints of almond and mildly sour cherries. Flavour: Sweet and fruity, with a nice balance between sweet and sour. An excellent dessert beer.

Delirium Tremmens series has been a Belgian series that typically only specializes in 3 beers, the Tremmens, Nocturn and Noel on Christmas. I have tried all 3 of them but this year, they released the Red. A new addition to the series which I really didn’t pay much attention to until I saw I could get one to try it out. I picked up a bottle at Ramirez Liquor in Boyle Heights, California but this is typically sold where ever they sell Delirium beers. The series ranges from very good to great but the price of the beer is something a little too much. Then again, other breweries do the same with their prices so I figured why not. Especially since I didn’t have to buy the 4 pack. So here it is, for your reading pleasure, the Delirium Red, Cheers!

Almonds, cherries, biscuit bread, citrus grapefruit, dark cherry yogurt, raspberries, cranberries, dark fruit raisin hints, strawberry candy, cherry syrup, cherry marzipan, dulce de leche caramel, vanilla, coriander spice and pecan pie.

Sweet pink grapefruit, Dark Cherry yogurt, almonds, biscuit bread, tart cherries, cherry marzipan, almond milk, apples, pears, peach,coriander spice, strawberry candy, cherry syrup, rice paper wafers with dulce de leche, Cherry maple log, pecan pie hints.

Dark Cherry yogurt, cherry marzipan, vanilla, citrus bitterness and caramel. No alcohol in the taste, easy drinkability, Dark Crimson Abyss body with Rosey Pink head and light mouthfeel.

Yet another very unique beer. It’s literally like drinking a dark cherry yogurt. I do not know if this would qualify as beer but the yeasty breadyness reminds you otherwise. It is not bad at all and I really enjoyed it but many may find it different. It is important though not to forget as this brewed in the Belgian Kriek style which is mainly a lambic or a type of fruit beer. In its own aspect of being a kriek I was blown away by its uniqueness and really is perfect fitting to the style if this was ever blended with a stout or quad, it would be the key to forging a path to flavor heaven. You are damn right I recommend this one! I have a new fave.

Anime Corner:
Dark Lady/Chibi Usa/Evil Mini Moon/Rini from Sailor Moon series was used in this pairing because I wanted to grasp the aspect of the Red and pink for the flavors but also the evil aspect of her to pair with the Delirium Tremmens meaning. Long behold, this beer was so damn good and paired so well with the colors of the label, the pink elephant, the cherry flavors, the crimson pink color of the beer and so much more that it was a damn perfect pairing with not much explanation. This was so great I had to find the second picture of her to pair and I loved it!