Genghis Pecan by Clown Shoes brewing

1148754_10101340753017170_1012943602_nRating: 4.6/5

Genghis Pecan by Clown Shoes brewing is a 7%ABV Pecan Pie Porter brewed with roasted pecans

Our new Pecan Pie Porter no longer uses extract, but rather brown sugar and pecans roasted by friends at The Gallows in Boston. Buddy Hadry, a rep at Bella Vista in PA, gave me the name for this beer, the second Pecan beer now that he has named. Thank you, Buddy!

What does pecans have to do with Genghis Khan? I have no clue, other than the last name rhymes with pecans. Pecan pie or pecan flavored beers are some of my favorite notes that I find in many beers that I try. One made with pecans, well let’s see how good it is.

Aromas are of hazelnut, pecans, roasty coffee, brown sugar, spices, biscuit bread, nutmeg, cinnamon and chocolate

The flavors are of pecan notes, some hazelnut, coffee, pecan pie, walnuts, nutmeg, cinnamon, brown sugar, caramel, dark chocolate, biscuit bread or pie crust, molasses, butterscotch and a bit of nutella on rye.

The aftertaste is sweet, toffee and biscuity with alittle bit of roasty notes The beer is not super heavy but moderate to drink with silky mouthfeel 

Overall the beer does not a super strong pecan pie flavor like I get in a lot of bourbon barrel aged beers and quads but it still has some pecan, nutty and bready flavors. Also very nice drinking. For some reason, the biscuit, nutty and buttery feels reminds me of some notes I got from trying a Far Tire. Ofcourse, this one is way better than Fat Tire (Imperial Fat Tire?). Well regardless, this was very delicious and enjoyable. Don’t expect to be blown away by pecans and pie, but the notes and buttery nut bread are strong here 

Alaskan Imperial Red by Alaskan Brewing

75563_10101057093577960_1342637641_n 482436_10101057094585940_992914372_nRating: 4.8/5

Alaskan Imperial Red is Alaskan Brewing Limited Edition Pilot Series Imperial Red Ale at 8.5% ABV.

A full-bodied deep mahogany ale with ruby red highlights. Citrus notes of chamomile, grapefruit and Meyer lemon brighten the aroma. A zesty array of hop flavors from mango and bitter orange to green mint and hibiscus meld with the nutty, roasted caramel and subtle dried fruit flavors of the complex malt profile to create a surprisingly fresh, yet warming example of the style.

Aromas are of sweet caramel, rich grassy, piney and grapefruit hops, biscuit bread, peach, mango, pineapple, cherry juice and almond. The taste is truly where this beer outshines the aroma. The flavors are of Toffee, caramel, grapefruit, mango, citrus, cherries, honey biscuit bread, grassy and piney hops, chocolate, biscuit, tropical flavors like pineapple, peaches and melon as well as some nutty pecan and almond notes near the end. The aftertaste continues on with like a barleywine or cherry rye bread with only some minor bitterness that does not linger for too long and stays constantly sweet . The great thing about this beer is that it plays very strong in terms of the sweet and bitter flavors but combining both to make a very nice balance. So much balance and great flavor that each side compliments each other rather than detract. You get strong sweet and your tropical hoppy bitterness as well. Amber ales are usually not my style but ambers like these sure as hell make me rethink the style as more to them than what others may see them as. Amber lovers will love this one.

Smoke Lager by Surly Brewing

554522_10101004962738580_1660804613_nRating: 5/5

Smoke Lager by Surly Brewing is an 8.2% Baltic Porter. This is not an ale, it is cold brewed like other lagers. Yet… it is strong.

Ebony-hued, Smoke wafts out of the bottle and into your senses, borne on the wings of European traditions, wrapped in American innovation. Lager-brewed, like any true Baltic Porter, with smoked malts from Bamberg, Germany, the home of Rauchbiers, then mellowed by oak-aging. Black malt flavors mesh with notes of raisins, plums, figs and licorice with the subtle smoke on the side, for a complex and luxurious, yet silky smooth drinking experience. It’s a sipper at Alc. 8.2% by VOL., but everyone knows you can’t have Smoke without fire!

Limited release from Surly brewing. Some of their stuff, like 3 Floyds is hard to find so to get something like this is really nice. The smell of this beer was of a nice roasted coffee, cloves, anise, bacon, banana, slight bitter dark chocolate, smoke campfire, cherry oak, toffee and vanilla. The flavors are really nice despite being a Rauchbier. Smoked Honey Glazed Pineapple ham, beef jerky almost, raisins, cherry, caramel, smokey campfire, oak, vanilla, toasted oats, dark chocolate, biscuit bread, figs, licorice, toffee and burnt sugar. This beer is almost like the took a porter, a German bock and a rauchbier and fused them together. Sweetness and smokiness combine to create a smoked beer that is quite unique from others I have had. LOL except maybe “Smoking wood” from The Bruery but that is another story in itself as that one is bourbon aged, higher ABV and more complex. I am surprised this one called a lager. Then again, lager brewing is done in colder temperatures where the flavors can be alittle bit more controlled. Regardless… Awesome job on this beer. Definitely recommended for even those that don’t like smoked beers.