Bier De Chocolat by Almanac Beer Company

941248_10101288137833420_135999525_nRating: 4.6/5

Bier De Chocolat by Almanac Beer Company is a 5.5%ABV American Porter

Our Robust Porter is brewed with hand-roasted cocoa nibs from Dandelion Chocolate in San Francisco and organic Ivanhoe Hops grown in Clear Lake, California. Rich flavors of roasted malts and chocolate hints of smoke and vanilla makes this beer the perfect pairing for Texas-style smoked brisket, chicken mole and Dandelion’s dark chocolate.

This is my first take at an Almanac beer, never had one before but from what I can see of their labeling, they take pride in Farm raising beer ingredients and making beer. Good stuff and fresher than what others may provide.

Aromas of this beer are of lots Dark and milk Chocolate, mocha, coffee notes, vanilla cream, earthy hops, caramel and molasses.

The flavors are of rich dark and milk chocolate, earthy hop bitterness, mocha, coffee, vanilla notes, caramel, brownie batter and a slight bit of smoke.

The after taste is a little bitter but the vanilla and chocolate carry this one along very nicely. Could your more chocolate, but that’s just me being picky as I love chocolate beers that are more closer to chocolate than anything. 

This one does a great job of giving enough chocolate but not being overly sweet and detracting from the already good flavors of roasted coffee and earthy hops. Definitely a nice pick up for chocolate porter lovers.