One Way Or Another Collaboration by the Bruery Terreux and Cascade Brewing Company

Rating: 5/5

One Way Or Another Collaboration by the Bruery Terreux and Cascade Brewing Company is a 9.3% ABV Belgian Sour Tripel brewed with Oregon Marionberries and California Meyer Lemon Zest and aged in oak barrels

Iconic bottles, distinctive flavors and outright admiration for each other. One way or another, we were going to brew a beer with our friends at Cascade Brewing. Together, we developed a new sour tripel recipe that we would brew at our separate facilities with each other – one here in Orange County, CA and the other in Portland, Oregon. The collaborative concept called for treating our creations with the same regional ingredients: Meyer lemons from California and marionberries from Oregon. Both brews would be destined to mature for over a year in oak under our respective roofs. At Bruery Terreux, we utilized a mix of New American Oak puncheons, fresh bourbon barrels, port barrels and oak wine barrels to create the ideal blend of flavors, and we couldn’t be more pleased with the complex, tangy tripel that emerged. Try it side by side with Cascade’s release to see how a single recipe can be interpreted One Way or Another.

Review: Rich and tart but lots of berries. Like a tart Agua fresca…. Awesome stuff

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