Better Late Than Never by Offshoot Beer Co.


Better Late Than Never by Offshoot Beer Co. is an 8.5% ABV New England/Vermont Double India Pale Ale brewed with Mosaic, Vic Secret and Citra hops.

Commercial Description
Juicy, hazy, double dry-hopped Vermont-style Double IPA gracing us with its presence and Mosaic, Vic Secret and Citra hops. Brewed with Golden Promise and Wheat malts, fermented with BSI-Barbarian, unfiltered and canned (April 25, 2017). 


Just like Fashionably Late, this one was also canned on April 25th 2017 but reviewed on May 4th 2017. Released by the Bruery’s branch of East Coast Style IPAs, (Offshoot Beer Co.), they step into the market to show something new or at least something that the west coast does not have, for the most part. This is the Vermont or New England style of IPA. A style made famous by Alchemist brewing and the east coast breweries like Tree House and Trillium. So the release of these on the west coast is pretty rare. Fortunately, for some Reserve and Hoarders members, they don’t have to wait in line to get these. This is the double IPA release to pair with the Fashionably Late, hence Better Late than never. Vic Secret hops, which is what this has, is a new strain of hops I have never had before. Therefore, it may actually be something very delightful, let’s have a look, cheers!

Stone fruit peaches, apricots, tropical fruit kiwi, guavas, pineapple, mango, dragon fruit, passion fruit, papaya, lychee, prickly pear tunas, lemon peel, orange preserves, orange peel, grapefruit, herbal, floral and piney hops, cane sugar, raspberries, cherries, blueberries, currants, white grapes, crème brulee notes and rich honey.

Rich tropical fruit kiwi, guava custard, Guava Danish cream, mango nectar, dragon fruit, passion fruit, papaya, lychee, orange preserves, peach cobbler, fuzzy navel, guava jelly, dried apricots, prickly pear tunas, pears, candied apples, cane sugar, pomegranates, raspberry, strawberry, cherry, blueberries, currants, Stone fruit peaches, apricots, sweetened condensed milk, Danish cream, flan notes, piney, floral, grapefruit, lemon peel, marshmallow cream, almond milk, hazelnut cream, cherry marzipan hints, crème brulee, Starburst, candy pineapple, sunny delight, sweet limes and orange honey blossoms.

Finishing with lots of berries, tropical fruit, stone fruit and citrus flavors. No alcohol in the taste, honey colored hazy orange juice full body, smooth, crisp, clean and refreshing mouthfeel along with an easy drinkability.

Damn! I really loved this one! Way too much in fact. I am really surprised! The Bruery/ Offshoot Beer Co. really freaking did it! It’s so damn tropical to the way a tropical orange juice like mango Tampico tastes. Not only is this above a regular orange juice or grapefruit juice drink but more of tropical fruit smoothie. I think I am starting to realize why it is possible that many of the hyped beers in this style are coveted. This one was damn amazing and I can only compare it to the way Monkish Feed the Fanatics and the way Tree House King JJJuliusss was when I got the chance to try them. It truly is something worth getting and I hope they make this one again. Look for this one if you get to try it, I super high recommendation!

Anime Corner:
Saber from the Fate series was used in this pairing mainly since I feel she represents in this picture what is like to have something that is worth the wait. The clock represents the time but as she walks in, she looks smoking hot. This represents something like “something’s are definitely worth the wait. Where waiting on the day a coveted beer is easier to obtain is the day lots of people have been waiting for and its about time!


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