2017 Edition 120 Minute IPA by Dogfish Head

Rating: 6/6

2017 Edition 120 Minute IPA by Dogfish Head is a 16.5% Triple India Pale Ale


What you have here is the holy grail for hopheads. This beer is continually hopped for over a 120 minute boil and then dry-hopped every day for a month. Enjoy now or age for a decade or so.


It’s been literally years since I last tried this. In a time when I had the chance to try Dogfish Head Fort, and World Wide Stout, this one was there. All of the beers were up in the 18% ABV range which was ridiculous at the time. And were actually some of the strongest beers in the world. This one being the strongest IPA before Sink the Bismark came along. Although Sink The Bismark at 41%ABV (YES, 41%ABV) was highly rare and really unavailable. Today, it has yet to see a comeback. Nevertheless, DFH 120 still is one of the strongest IPAs in the world period. Let’s have a look at how this new release does. While I cannot compare to the original, I hope it keeps up to what my expectations were back then, cheers!

dark fruit cherries, dragon fruit, passion fruit, tropical fruit mango, kiwi, honey dew melon, stone fruit apricots, peaches, peach cobbler, peach preserves, orange preserves, orange peel, grapefruit, floral, piney, herbal, garlicky, and grassy dank hops, bourbon notes, raspberries, wild flower honey, rye bread, toffee, vanilla and caramel.

Oranges, Grapefruit, piney, floral, herbal, garlicky, and grassy dank hops, toffee, vanilla, biscuit bread, tangerines, caramel, maple hints, dark fruit cherries, dragon fruit, passion fruit, tropical fruit mango, kiwi, honey dew melon, stone fruit apricots, peaches, peach cobbler, peach preserves, orange preserves, grapefruit preserves, rye bread, sun dried apples, cane sugar, wild flower honey, sweetened condensed milk, three milk/ tres leches cake, pecan pie, caramel covered oranges, lemon candy, lime peel, candied grapefruit, butter scotch, leathery hints, mild bourbon notes, sherry wine, chardonnay, rasberry or some kind of special berries all through out.

Finishes very hop forward despite the ABV, Candied Oranges, Grapefruits, Lemon candy, grassy and garlicky dank hops, dark fruits, tropical fruits, stone fruits, caramel, butterscotch and pecan pie. Boozy aftertaste but not detracting from the flavors, amber honey light to medium body, crisp, refreshing, smooth, syrupy and chewy mouthfeel along with a sipping drinkability.

A supremely exceptional beer! IT is definitely the epitome of IPAs While I would think this is more of a barley wine, the richer hop aspect is what keeps it in the IPA range. While this is an IPA that can age, it will most likely be more of an American barley wine later on. The complexity of this beer is ridiculous and it is definitely much in the range of what I typically love from special strong beers like this, Yet, the hop strength is super out there. There is a reason why hop heads adore this specialty brew even to this day. Do yourself a favor and get a bottle!

Anime Corner:
Yui Takamura from Muv-Luv Alternative Total Eclipse was used in this pairing as I used her to pair with the original in the original pairing of DFH 120. What I was going for back then was a bad ass looking character that pairs with the colors of the flavors and possibly the golden colors of the beer and the label. So bringing her back and expanding with more art was something I felt worked.


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