Candy Sours Series – Orange Slice by Valiant brewing

Rating: 6/6

Candy Sours Series – Orange Slice by Valiant brewing is a 4% ABV American Wild Ale brewed with Orange Slice Candies

Candy Sour Beers! What else will we think of? Our team was let loose in the brewery and came up with a unique twist of combining a Wild Sour Ale with the sweet enjoyable flavors of candies that we call our “Candy Sours”.

In this limited series, Orange Slice Sour brings the world of sweet and sour to your senses. Tangy, Orange and crisp citrus flavors make this a drink you can’t put down.


After trying the Peach Rings and Silly Straws, I decided to go back to Mr. K’s Liquor to get more of the other types from the Candy Sour series. Unfortunately, this was the only one they had and what’s worse is that in March 2017, Valiant Brewing had closed their doors. So the likelihood of ever seeing the other ones like Gummy Worms or Watermelon Patch Sour was very unlikely. It is what it is and while I feel some treasures are meant to be lost, it is my duty to at least bring some of these treasures to light. So let’s have a look at what this one has to offer, Cheers!

Lots of orange candies, cane sugar, honey, lemon candy, tangerines, biscuit bread and tart grapes.

Rich Orange Candy slices, cane sugar, honey, tangerine gummies, orange peel, Tampico Orange juice, biscuit bread, grape notes, mango notes, pineapple and kiwi.

Finishing dry with slight notes of orange candy linger, biscuit bread and grape tartness. No alcohol in the taste, golden light body, crisp, refreshing and smooth mouthful with a ridiculously easy drinkability.

YEP, just like the other ones, taste exactly like liquid Orange Slice Candies. Although, definitely not as sour as the previous ones. In fact, the sweetness of candy oranges and tartness works super well. Ridiculously to the point that I am tempted to drink the whole thing in one go. Aside from its ridiculous drinkability ofcourse which generally just adds to the “drink the whole thing” factor. I highly recommend it if you can still find it!

Anime Corner:
Nico Niiyama from Kiznaiver was used in this pairing as I wanted wanted to show case the candy sour of Orange slices with a character that has similar colors to oranges but also has a theme of candy and long behold I felt Nico was the perfect fit.


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