Bourbon Barrel Old Strangler by Garage Brewing

Rating: 6/6

Bourbon Barrel Old Strangler by Garage Brewing is a 12.1% ABV Imperial Stout aged in Bourbon Barrels.

We believe in making our fresh craft beer from only the finest ingredients. And guess what? It’s really good! This flavorful beer developed from a recipe during our humble beginnings just got turned up a notch flavored in aged bourbon barrels.


I have yet to try the Old Strangler but when I saw that Garage Brewing was making a Bourbon Barrel aged stout, I had to try it. I love different styles of beers but when those styles are married with different spirit based barrels, I always look to trying them as the majority of the time enhances the original recipe into new flavor heights. Since I have yet to try a Barrel Aged beer from Garage Brewing, this was the best opportunity for me to proceed. Let’s see how it is, cheers!

Dulce de leche caramel, oak, vanilla, whiskey, bourbon, mocha, roasted coffee notes, anise, licorice, earthy notes, dark chocolate, German chocolate, Bakers chocolate, dark cherries, raspberry, currants, almond joy chocolates, toasted coconut, crème brulee, pecan pie, leather, tobacco, marshmallow cream and hazelnut.

Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, German Chocolate, Bakers Chocolate, Belgian chocolate, brownie batter, Irish cream, Danish cream, flan, crème brulee, dark fruits like raisins, dark cherries, raspberry, currants, plums, figs,vanilla, Oak, Dulce de leche caramel, toasted coconut, marshmallow smores, Khalua Liquer, mocha, roasted coffee, Licorice, Anise, Molasses, Whiskey, bourbon, leather, tobacco, rye bread, rocky road ice cream, pecan pie, hazelnut nectar notes, earthy notes, coffee cake, banana hints, sweetened condensed milk, graham crackers, tiramasu notes, almond joy chocolates and triple chocolate cake.

Finishing with lots of oaky notes, whiskey, anise notes, dark chocolates, toasted coconut, cherries, flan, mocha and vanilla. No alcohol in the taste, Dark full body, smooth, creamy, velvety and chewy mouthfeel with an easy to sipping drinkability.

Damn exceptional! Like the many awesome bourbon barrel aged stouts I have had before. Whatever special barrels they are using in this one, I can tell it is unique almost like the High West barrels. The alcohol is not in your face and gives way to very awesome complexity. That being said, it is one that is definitely worth picking up and highly recommended.

Anime Corner:
Cidney Aurum from Final Fantasy XV was used in his pairing to mainly pair with the color of the label but mainly with the fact that she is mechanic and this beer looks as pitch black and viscous as motor oil. Essentially, bringing the theme of working on a car as well as needing a beer.


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