Candy Sours Series – Peach Ring by Valiant brewing

Rating: 6/6

Candy Sours Series – Peach Ring by Valiant brewing is a 4% ABV American Wild Ale brewed with Peach Ring Candies

Candy Sour Beers! What else will we think of? Our team was let loose in the brewery and came up with a unique twist of combining a Wild Sour Ale with the sweet enjoyable flavors of candies that we call our “Candy Sours”.

In this limited series, Peach Ring Sour which is responsible for the original concept showcases a brite peach aroma followed by a sweet and juicy fruit flavor but finishes on the tart side.


My first beer from valiant brewing. I had only recently heard of this series and with the news of Valiant brewing closing, I definitely wanted to bring one of these the site, especially since it has Willy Wonka on the cover. The sour series also has other brews that are candy based which makes me really believe that they are truly adding candy at some point in the process. Who could resist though? Going back to the days of being a kid and eating all sorts of awesome Willy Wonka candies is amazing. So implement that with the love of craft beer and we have pairing. Candy Beers! Let’s see what this one is about, cheers!

Fakey peach flavors (It’s literal Candy), peach jolly ranchers, apricots and wine grape hints.

Tart stone fruit peach, apricot, peach cobbler, super rich Trolli peach candies, grape hints and strawberry hints.

Finishing dry with slight notes of peach candy, biscuit bread and grape tartness. No alcohol in the taste, golden peach light body, crisp, refreshing and smooth moughfeel with a ridiculously easy drinkabaility.

How can I say that I don’t like this, when I absolutely and ridiculously enjoy this. You see, this beer has very little complexity. I usually grade higher per complexity and over enjoyment. Complexity had nothing to do with this one. The fact is, you are drinking liquid Peach Sour Trolli rings. They did exactly and as cleanly as possible a beer that is exactly how is supposed to taste. Essentially they made a perfect beer. Granted, the label tells you exactly what this is supposed to be so don’t expect anything else. It literally is peach sour rings in a bottle. I highly recommend this without a doubt to any one that loves these candies! Beer lover or not! Now I only wish Valiant wasn’t leaving us!

Anime Corner:
Tenshi Hinanawi from Touhou was chosen in this pairing as I was going for a character that would pair well with the peaches but also Willy Wonka with the cane. Tenshi was the right choice as she wears a hat with peaches and the look she has in the art looks like a bad ass. So with that being said I also added some references to “peaches” as well.


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