KING JJJULIUSSS by Tree House Brewing

13710568_10103423801990330_4600272701424037331_oRating: 7/7
KING JJJULIUSSS by Tree House Brewing is an 8.4% ABV World Class Double India Pale Ale.



Released in cans for the first time at Tree House. I had heard many great things about the up and coming New England Style of IPAs especially since the trend of the Heady Toppers with their unfiltered deliciousness. Tree House has made a good amount of unfiltered beers that are literally “Juice” IPAs. Basically like drinking Orange and a citrus variety of juices. As crazy as the styles have been, I have not seen a homebrew recipe for those but once can only experiment as the majority are West Coast Styles. Anyways, this brew was released to be one, if not, the best New England Style IPA so the fact that I had an opportunity to give this a shot, I had to bring it to the site. The other thing too is that it is hard to get these New England Styles so I hope with the coming years, we will see them more. As for this one, let’s see if this is the best. Cheers!
Full fragrance of citrus and mixed tropical fruits like oranges, orange juice, mango, dragon fruit, passion fruit, guava, tangerines, lemon candy, limes, honey dew melon, papaya, grapefruit juice with pulp, orange juice with pulp, strawberries, pomegranates, wild flower honey, stone fruit peach, apricot, lychees, kumquats, kiwis, dank floral and grassy hop notes, agave and cane sugar as well as Danish cream hints.
Sunny Delight, limes, lemons, lemon candy, Tropical fruit mango, passion fruit dragon fruit, strawberries, kiwi, prickly pears, pomegranates, honey dew melon, papaya, cherries, guavas, tangerines, mandarins, lychee, kumquats, oranges, grapefruit juice, orange pulp, grapefruit pulp, sweetened condensed milk, orange bang, cane sugar, agave nectar, wild flower honey, orange honey blossoms, tropical, grapefruit, mild dank and floral hops, stone fruit apricot, peaches, raspberries, almond notes, biscuit bread, Danish cream, pears and orange gummy bears.

Super dry with hints of Sweet tropical fruit and super citrus orange juice, earthy dank tropical hops and grapefruit gummies. No alcohol in the taste, Cloudy Golden Honey colored full body, Smooth, frothy, crisp, refreshing and juicy mouthfeel and very easy to drink.
Straight up Sunny-Delight! I have never had an IPA that was super juicy with the dank bitterness from grassy aspect dancing around the supreme Orange and Tropical fruit juice. This beer is super different from even the best west coast IPAs I have had. Even next to power plant it is definitely something else. I think these New England IPA styles of unfiltered IPAs are really taking off. I don’t often get to try them and the last one I had was Heady Topper but even this is better than that one. It is hard to put in a category of Tropical/Citrus/Herbal IPAs as it fits mainly the super citrus and tropical IPA aspects but really, is this even beer?! Holy shit, what are they doing over there in the East coast, This beer is like dry hopped orange and tropical juice it is insane. If you can somehow get this fresh, definitely go for it and it is definitely a bucket lister.

Anime Corner:
KOS-MOS/ELMA from the Xenosaga/Blade series were chosen for this pairing as I wanted to represent the next King in IPAs as being this brew. The New England style of beer especially the stuff that’s coming from Tree House is worthy of using one of my favorite characters in such a pairing. While Elma is a tribute to KOS-MOS, the gold and black colors pair well with the label of the beer but since I was going to use Elma for this, I wanted to bring in KOS-MOS as she has similar colors of black, gold and silver. So being that one of my 4 favorite anime characters, I carefully selected her for this one as this beer could very well be the next Pliny killer.


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