Bullet Proof by Audacity Brew House

12698563_10103065572230640_3860155765493579060_oRating: 4.5/5

Bullet Proof by Audacity Brew House is a 5.2% ABV American Pale Ale

Commercial Description:
Brewed with Texas craft malts and Texas-grown grapefruit, dry-hopped for a strong citrus aroma, a subtle honey-like sweetness and a crisp, easy to drink finish.


Received several cans from my friend Aaron Mendiola at BeerMetalDude.com. Many of which are from Texas local craft breweries and some I honestly can say I may not have tried these without the help from him sending me these. As gratitude for these treasures, I will be reviewing these on the site starting this this brew. This is my first beer from audacity brewing. I am going in blindly and see how this one turns out. Cheers!

Citrus, grapefruit, piney, floral and grassy hops, cane sugar, honey, stone fruit peach notes, tropical fruits like passion fruit, papaya, kiwi, strawberry notes, waffle cone, biscuit bread and cherry notes.

Lots of honey, rich tropical juicy fruits of honey dew melon, passion fruit hints, kiwi, strawberry juice, Oranges, Coriander spice, citrus, grapefruit, piney, floral and grassy hops, cane sugar, Stone fruit sweet peaches, apricot notes, biscuit bread, waffle cone, flan hints, lychees, kumquats, crabapples, starburst and cherries.

Finishes with rich stone fruits, citrus, piney and grapefruit hops along with cane sugar notes. No alcohol in the taste. Golden light to medium body. Crisp, refreshing and smooth mouthfeel and easy drinkability.

A very delicious and sweet pale ale. I was really well pleased with this one as it was full of fruity goodness and delicious ingredients that went down very smooth. A refreshing beer I would definitely have on a regular basis if I had it available for sure. Give this one a try if you live Texas.

Anime Corner:
Furyou Michi from Gang Road was used in this pairing to pair mainly with the name of the beer, Bullet Proof as she is wearing a bullet proof vest. The other things that I see with this picture are that her hair is the color of the brew but also with this beer having the Texas flag represents a bit of Texas pride in terms of gun ownership.


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