2016 Preservation Series Humulus Triple by The Bruery

12642931_10103044453168410_119924323282867449_n 12661874_10103044453847050_948361860266337973_nRating: 4.85/5

2016 Preservation Series Humulus Triple by The Bruery is a 10% ABV Triple India Pale Lager.

Forget what you’ve heard about West Coast vs. East Coast. This is a hoppy beer on our terms and turf. Humulus TrIPLe is the most hop-forward beer to come out of The Bruery, with a citrus-laden aromatic hop bouquet that can be detected half a foot away. The mouthfeel is massive, showcasing fruity, resinous and dank hop flavors and a not-so-bitter end. Ideally served at 50oF (7oC) in a tulip or wine glass.


Obtained this one in December from the Bruery Preservation Society. I think this is the Bruery’s first attempt at an actual IPL, especially a strong one. I have had many Belgian Pale Ales from them but they typically never make IPAs or IPLs as far as I know. Either way, going as far as making this a Triple IPL, which is unheard of either. If this does taste closer to an IPL or IPA instead of a Belgian Pale or Belgian IPA, then this would be not only the strongest one brewed but also their first. Let’s see if this one is worth getting, cheers!

Stone fruit peaches, cane sugar, slight grapefruit notes, lemon peel, pepper corns, lemon candy tangerines, floral notes, honey, pilsner biscuit bread, grassy, citrus , herbal, piney, dank and garlicky hops, sweetened condensed milk hints, honey suckle, toasted grains and tropical fruits like and honey dew melon, kiwis, papaya and cherry notes.

Rich grassy, citrus , herbal, piney, dank and garlicky hops, honey, pilsnery biscuit bread, tropical fruits like honey dew melon, kiwis, papaya, cherry notes, peppercorn, stone fruit peaches, cane sugar, slight grapefruit notes, lemon peel, lemon candy tangerines, floral notes like lavender, sugar cane, gummy bears, Danish cream, Sweetened condensed milk hints, honey suckle and toasted grains,

Finishes dry with some stone fruit notes, peppercorn, dank hops and mild tropical fruits linger. Slight booziness in the taste, clear straw and golden boy, crisp, rich, refreshing and creamy mouthfeel with a moderate drinkability.

A very good lager and probably the strongest I’ve ever had. The Bruery really did a good job on this one and while the hops rule in this brew, I think since it is made possibly with their house lager strain, it does taste a bit Belgian-ish. Which is very welcome to me in my opinion but many hop purist may be swayed or intrigued by this. It doesn’t matter, do as I say and try to find this!

Anime Corner:
Tatsumaki/Tornado from One Punch Man was used in this pairing as she pairs well with the colors of the label and the hops used in this beer. Her strength is complemented by the high ABV, especially for being a lager which are usually light, light meaning small like her stature. Don’t mess with the short and powerful. The telekinesis? Oh well you see, this beer is mind blowing, just like her.


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