Nocturnal Nectar by Freetail brewing

12662009_10103044316607080_3612030585023838079_nRating: 4/5

Nocturnal Nectar by Freetail brewing is a 6.8% ABV Golden ale brewed with Agave, Flaked corn, and papaya.

Free your mind & your tail will follow

Look up to the Texas night sky & raise a glass to our bats! Yes bats, they helped to bring you this beer, through pollination, seed dispersal and pest control of three of its ingredients: agave, flaked corn, and papaya.

Bats help bring many of our everyday foods to the table including rice, coffee, sugar, numerous fruits and nuts, not to mention some of the most important of our Halloween treats.

Bats are out unseen gardeners, with foods from around the world relying on these nocturnal creatures.

I received this special brew from my friend Aaron Mendiola at This brew was made for a good cause. Brews like these I feel is a great way for craft beer to give back to the community. Definitely giving back to is a good way to establish once self not by the beer that they sell but by the good they do for society. I feel like the big guys like inBev just mainly spend on selling a product than making good beer and giving back to the community. That is an argument for another time. Anyways, let’s take a look at this delicious Batty brew.

Honey, wafflecone, honey comb, tropical fruit papaya, raspberries, dragon fruit, passion fruit, banana, clove spice, candi sugar, bubblegum, pilsner malt, grassy, herbal and floral hops, mescal hints, cane sugar and biscuit bread.

Bananas, agave nectar, lechugilla agave juice, honey, wafflecone, honey comb, tropical fruit papaya, raspberries, dragon fruit, passion fruit hints, grapes, biscuit bread, cane sugar, grassy, herbal and floral hops, hibiscus, candy sugar, peppercorn notes, mezcal hints and green tea,

Finishes dry with hints of tropical fruits, floral notes, honey, agave hints, hoppy notes and cereal graininess. No alcohol in the taste, golden light to hazy body, crisp, clean, smooth and refreshing mouthfeel and easy to drink.

A very good brew showcasing so many delicious tropical fruit flavors and still remaining crisp, clean and very drink like a nice pilsner. The combination of the fruits are really present despite this being somewhat lightish of a brew. Something people can dig especially if your purchase goes to a good cause. Today bats, tomorrow, purple sea stars and next, save the Whalez!

Anime Corner:
Lilith Aensland from Darkstalkers was used in this pairing since I wanted to pair mainly with the theme of bats and extracting nectar. In this artwork, she is surrounded by flowers just like the bat is on the label. That along with some of the fruits in the beer that present themselves in the various colors of the art piece. This is a very rich nectar.


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