Jardinier by The Bruery

11041824_10102435670418920_3663795760402169289_nRating: 4/5

Jardinier by The Bruery is a 4.9% ABV Belgian Pale Ale.

A bright and flavorful table beer with an assertive hop character.

Jardinier, which is French for “Gardener”, was inspired by the fresh thirst quenching beers onf the Belgian dinner table. A perfect beer for any occasion, casual or ornate. Jardinier is best enjoyed fresh.


A new seasonal from the Bruery has been released. Essentially, it is their session ale but a Belgian Pale Ale session. I wanted to check it to show it here and see what to expect from it. Next to Hottenroth, it is possibly the lightest beer they have released. It is available this spring so let us see if it is good, cheers!

Lots of blooming flowers, herbal, citrus and piney hops, hibiscus, lavender, sun flowers, farmhouse hay, peppercorns, honey, Belgian phenolic notes, hints of bubblegum and minor banana hints, lemon peel, and some stone fruit hints.

Floral, herbal and citrus hops, lavender, hibiscus roses, sun flowers, peppercorns, farmhouse hay hints, rich honey, biscuit, honeysuckle, Belgian phenolic notes, orange peel, lemon peel, Stone fruit hints like apricot, peaches as well as minor tropics like pineapple and dragon fruit.

Finishing pretty dry with only some notes peppercorns, honey, flowers and herbal hop character. No alcohol in the taste, crisp, smooth and refreshing mouthfeel, easy to drink and clear golden body.

A very good and very drinkable session Belgian Pale Ale. It is really light but flavorful. Unlike Hottenroth, which of all the Bruery beers, is possible the one that is most average to me, this one is way better than that one. I guess it is the reason why I have yet to do a review on Hottenroth. I might bring it one day to dissect it. If you aren’t into strong full beers, get this one as it is in the perfect time for spring.

Anime Corner:
Juri from Street Fighter was used in this beer to pair with the colors of the beer label mainly. She is like flower but she stings like a bee. An evil member of S.I.N from the series with crazy powers. She is swift and fast which represents the beer’s drinkability but also deadly which represents its rich Belgian flavors. There are other things that can be said about this pairing but really the colors were the one for me.


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