Endymion by Freetail Brewing

10983555_10102420651886180_1051554185873177108_oRating: 5.35/5

Endymion by Freetail Brewing is an 8.2% ABV American Wild Ale aged in Wine Barrels.

In Greek mythology, Endymion was an astronomer who Pliney the Elder (the man, not the beer) credits as the first human to observe the movements of the moon. As the lover and companion of Selene, the goddess of the moon. Endymion was granted eternal sleep as to never age or die. In the same spirit we have created this wild ale, made from a pseudo-Solera process in which a barrel is never completely emptied, but rather topped off with fresh base beer whenever aged beer is extracted. While constantly evolving, the resulting blend is one that is granted in its own eternal sleep so it may live forever.


Sent to me thanks to my friend Aaron Mendiola of www.beermetaldude.com. This is the second Wine barrel aged beer that I received from my friend along with Makaria. This one is not so much evil but emphasizes the ale to live forever. Freetail makes some really good beers from the many I have tried. Makaria was a similar beer to what this may turn out be. So let us see how different this one is. Cheers!

Lots of Dark fruits like dark cherries, raisins, prunes, strawberries, raspberries, musty wine grape notes, oak, hibiscus flowers, lavender, yogurt, vanilla, dulce de leche caramel, pecan pie, blueberry muffins, flan hints, grape jelly, Guava hints, mango hints, molasses, leather and brown sugar.

Tart Dark Cherries, Rich Dark fruits like raisins, prunes, currants, dark chocolate notes, strawberries, slight wine grape notes, raspberries, vanilla, raspberry yogurt, oak, funky must hints, farmhouse hints, lemon peel, orange, hibiscus flowers, lavender, molasses, pecan pie, blueberry muffins, flan notes, guava notes, mango notes, grape jelly on rye bread, sourdough bread, concorde grapes, raspberry cheesecake, strawberry preserves, leather, brown sugar and candi sugar.

Lots of dark cherry, tart raspberries, earthy notes, flowers, oak, musty notes, wine grapes and tropical fruit hints. No alcohol in the taste, a dark body, moderate drinkability and moderate mouthfeel.

A very delicious sour like Makaria but I think a slight nudge better since this one had more fruity flavors that worked well with the tart sour. While Makaria had a great amount of other complexities, this one has a fruitier complexity. They both have their own differences and the best part is trying to find out which one is better. You might like this one or the other better but either way, they are both great!

Anime Corner:
Remilia Scarlet from the Touhou Project was used in this pairing just like Makaria but as you can see, she is not the same person. Like the story of Endymion, Scarlet represents here the movement of the stars and moon (Seen on the wingd and the skeleton represents the death that never took place which granted Emdymion life eternal. The colors work well with the label and the representation of the dark fruits as well.


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