Charlie Foxtrot by Texian Brewing

11018927_10102420230311020_2108022247327867696_nRating: 3.75/5

Charlie Foxtrot by Texian Brewing is a 7.5% ABV Imperial Berliner Weissebier.

The Texian army, at Bexar, was informed that a Mexican supply train loaded with silver, was approaching in order to fund the Mexican army. The Texians attacked and, after the Mexican army retreated, they found that the wagons only contained hay. History refers it as the “Grass Fight”. We call it a cluster… Charlie Foxtrot.


What a Cluster Fuck… LMAO! Or atleast that is what I thought they were going with on this beer. Thanks to Aaron Mendiola from for donating this one the site. The Berliner Weisse style is pretty tart and refreshing. Each one has its own character profile ranging from sour to tart and sweet and in some cases spicy. I don’t see this style very often and while it is not my favorite of styles, it is still worth drinking.

Vanilla, honey, citrus honey blossom, oranges, wheat crackers, wet hay, cereal grains, coriander spice, wheat bread, sourdough bread, flowers, minor hints of tropical fruits, lemon candy and lemon peel.

Vanilla, lemon peel, tomato, vegetable hints, honey, lemon candy, oranges, banana hints, stone fruit apricot hints, old mango hints, crackers, sour white grapes, wet hay, cereal grains, oats, coriander spice, wheat bread, sourdough bread, oak hints, lavender and hibiscus.

Ends pretty dry with hints of lemon, vanilla, vegetable hints, tejuino, salt notes, sour apples and farmhouse hay. No alcohol in the taste, hazy honey colored body, crisp and refreshing mouthfeel, and moderate drinkability.

A pretty good beer. Tart mainly, sweet and spicy notes about but for the most part refreshing. While this does have a moderate drinkable feel, it borderlines the drink several on a hot summer day but also at a slow pace kind of beer. I would recommend this one if you like tart Berliner Weisse beers and if you can find it as it is only in Texas. The Texas pride in this one is very cool though.

Anime Corner:
Tomoe Mami from Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica was used in this pairing since I wanted something that would pair with the label with the rifles but also with the fact that this is a German style of beer. Her clothing look similar to Oktoberfest attire so I thought this was an awesome fit.


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