Chocolate Hazelnut Porter (CHP) by Heretic brewing

11415_10102323355124670_8793380615176811571_n 10917112_10102323354775370_3507348971530490476_nRating: 4.65/5

Chocolate Hazelnut Porter (CHP) by Heretic brewing is a 7% ABV American Porter brewed with natural flavors.

Chocolate hazelnut Porter was the very first beer I entered in competition. It took 3rd place and gave me feedback on what I could do to improve. This sparked my passion for using competition to improve my brewing. The next time it took 1st place and eventually a Best of Show award. This is just something wonderful about the combination of rich chocolate and toasty hazelnut. When I started Heretic, people asked when we would release Chocolate Hazelnut Porter, but we had to be patient. Like that first award winning beer, I had to make sure the one in this bottle was perfect before we could release it. Many brews and tastings later, I am proud to offer you this rich, chocolaty, nutty, dessert in a glass. -Jamil Zainasheff


I’ve seen some of the Heretic beers around but this one really caught my attention. I rally like sweet beers so chocolate hazelnut really sounded like an awesome mix. This would probably remind me of the Rogue Hazelnut Nectar, I thought. So I picked it up and brought it for a review here on the site. If you have tried this one let me know what you think, but here is what I think, let us take a look shall we? Cheers!

Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, bakers chocolate, hazelnut, brown sugar, mocha hints, smokey notes, roasted coffee, graham cracker, peanut butter hints, caramel, molasses and dark fruit hints.

Dark chocolate, bakers chocolate, milk chocolate, peanut butter hints, hazelnut, roasty coffee notes, pecan pie, marshmallows, smokey notes, graham cracker, oatmeal cookies, chocolate chip cookies, caramel, vanilla, mocha hints, notes of dark fruit raisins, dark cherry hints, brown sugar, molasses and anise.

Earthy notes, roasted coffee, hazelnut, dark chocolate, caramel, vanilla and pecan pie hints. No alcohol in the taste, smooth and creamy mouthfeel, dark full body and moderate drinkability.

A very good beer which showcases a lot of sweet complexities but also emphasizes a roasty and smokey like character that balances it out over all. As it warms up, more of the sweeter chocolate and hazelnut flavors do tend to come out more frequently. While the beer is not as super complex and rich as other beers it still has enough to get things going and mainly still be considered a very nice dessert beer that would pair with other desserts. A must try.

Anime Corner:
Tayuya from Naruto was chosen in this pairing to pair with the motto of the beer. Release your Inner Heretic. There is a hidden evil yet deliciousness about the beer, but Tayuya has been used in several pairings to express something evil hidden. Some of the beers I have used to pair with Tayuya have been bitter or smokey in a sense as she brims with the hidden fires of her cursed form which you can see what it looks like. Sweet on the outside but dark and roasty on the inside. The beer kind of fits as the flavors of Chocolate and Hazelnut are presented in the beer and then shift into the roasty and smokiness to balance everything out.


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