Lips of Faith series Gruit by New Belgium

1982016_10102186512693000_2330903094663739918_nRating: 3.85/5

Lips of Faith series Gruit by New Belgium is a 6.66% ABV Scottish Gruit/Ancient Herbed Ale brewed with Bog Myrtle, Horehound, Yarrow, wormwood and Elderflowers added.

Experimentation doesn’t mean new. With our Gruit, the latest Lips of Faith release, it’s all about revisiting the ancient craft of bittering with herb mixtures, not hops. In here horehound, bog myrtle, yarrow, wormwood and elderflowers get together with rich malts to create a bitter, dry, velvet-like sweetness worth revering.

The one Lips of Faith series I had missed this year, now we have it here for the review. Lips of faith series ranges from delicious to very good. There hasn’t been one from this series I truly hated except maybe Pluot, but I can’t really as maybe it was a bad bottle or my taste buds were not feeling it. This style is something I have never tried and it is interesting to see this as they use ancient bittering techniques of using flowers and herbs instead of hops. Really intriguing I should say. Let’s get this one going and see how it plays out.

Lots of herbs, honey, biscuit bread, vanilla, green tea, yerbabuena/peppermint, peppercorns, berries, apples, clove spice, banana hints, lemon peel, citrus, grassy and grapefuit hops, chamomile, hibiscus, lavender and barnyard hay.

Flowers, coriander spice, yerbabuena/peppermint, peppercorns, biscuit bread, chamomile, hibiscus, lavender, bananas, clove spice, phenolic notes, herbal tea, green tea, vanilla, honey, citrus, grassy and grapefruit hops, barnyard hay, lemon peel, oak hints, Golden ale notes, apples and mild berry notes.

Peppercorn, flowers, spices, honey, peppermint, herbs, green tea and grassy hop notes. No alcohol in the taste, crisp and refreshing, easy to moderate drinkability, watery yet smooth mouthfeel and clear yellow body.

While this beer was very good, I couldn’t help but notice how close this beer is to a Belgian Golden Ale but more herbed. I think the herbs really worked to bitter out some of the beer flavors but maybe it was a little too herbed for my taste. A very good beer but for some reason the herbs were a bit much but it was great to try this one for sure. I’d say give it a try even if once.

Anime Corner:
Yasaka Kanako from the Touhou Project series was used in this pairing to show the power of herbs. In ancient times, they were used as magic to heal the sick and even to this day, natural remedies are used to do miracles. Something about the plants have the power to bring life and make people better. As seen in this art pairing I really wanted to make a point to state that about the herbal sweetness of this beer.


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