Camo by Five Stones brewing of Cibolo Texas

10622774_10101996984833350_7777383300026339869_n 10407998_10101996985497020_6847899412109798579_nRating: 6/5

Camo by Five Stones brewing of Cibolo Texas is a 7.8% ABV Golden/Pale Stout brewed with Cocoa Nibs and Espresso Beans.

Sometimes the best surprises hide in plain sight. Like the hunter searching out a deer that doesn’t seem to notice that his hunting buddy is strangely quiet… and has antlers. We brewed this stout that hides in plain sight as a pale-colored ale. This is accomplished by utilizing stout malt from Ireland along with flaked barley, wheat, and oats for mouthfeel and body. Williamette hops and cacao nibs a mildly spicy and slightly chocolatey flavor. Lastly, whole espresso beans round out the flavor for a pleasant stout-like surprise in pale, plain sight. Cheers and thanks for sharing our beer!

Five Stones Brewing of Cibolo Texas is a special gem in the craft brewing world for making some very awesome beers. As recommended and donated by my friend Aaron Mendiola of, the beers I have tried from them have been really unique and delicious. Today, I review the third beer donated by Aaron from the good people at Five Stones. This one is a Golden/Pale Stout. There really isn’t many beers of this style and for the few that I have tried have been really delicious. This one adds Cocoa Nibs and Espresso beans, so right off the bat, I know I am dealing with something very special. Thanks again to Aaron and Five Stones for making this one, Cheers!!

Frappuccino white chocolate coffee, plantain bananas, milk chocolate yoo hoo, dark chocolate, bananas and cream, coconut, peach, white raisins, plums, figs, cinnamon, brown sugar hints, nutmeg, marshmallow, hazelnut nectar, vanilla, dulce de leche caramel, pecan pie, steamed milk, cookie dough, oatmeal cookies, coffee cake, hints of Kahlua and Irish cream hints.

Mocha coffee, White Chocolate, Dark chocolate, chocolate milk shake, Plantain Bananas, grilled banana hints, white raisins, peach, dark fruit plums, fig hints, cinnamon, nutmeg, marshmallow, hazelnut nectar, hints of oak, vanilla, dulce de leche caramel, pecan pie, steamed milk, coconut, cookie dough, oatmeal cookies, coffee cake, brown sugar, Irish cream, hints of Kahlua, chocolate Yoohoo hints, coriander hints, wheat and rye bread.

Lingering roasted and earthy Coffee grounds, caramel, Irish cream, caramel, vanilla and hints of plantain bananas. No alcohol in the taste, very damn smooth even for a sipping beer, very creamy mouthfeel, clear light body and refreshing.

I don’t care what anyone says, this beer was definitely a mind blow! This was way too exceptional. Very few beers do this and this one was just over the top for me. This beer is not aged in any spirit but the flavors it provides were as if they were aged in some special spirit barrel and the specialization of making such a rich and creamy pale golden stout is a style that is done extremely rarely. Five Stones did a great job on this and I definitely cannot wait to try their next creation. Highly recommend this one if you can find it. One of Texas finest for sure!

Anime Corner:
Cammy White from Street Fighter was used in this pairing for several reasons. Let’s start by the name, which is Camo which means to hide. While Cammy is in the military, she doesn’t really hide much from view but that is her camouflage. She is a highly trained and deadly agent from British Special Forces. What does this have to do with the beer? Alot, while the apperance of the beer is pale in color, it drinks just like a stout and is rich and creamy. Cammy has the colors of the label and the gold of the beer color. She is sweet as hell like the beer but you never know that until you try it. So it may actually come to you as a surprise and by the time you are done analyzing what happened in your palate, its too late. The gear she wears is similar and colored like the deer in the label. She used to work for shadaloo, a criminal organization and she is swift and fast like the smoothness of the beer. So in a way, this beer is like being struck by a Smooth Criminal…


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