Greenshift (Three Year Anniversary Ale) by Beachwood Brewing

10489865_10101935633347220_2268094347154339343_n 10525829_10101935634065780_6656750052035895626_nRating: 4.8/5

Greenshift (Three Year Anniversary Ale) by Beachwood Brewing is a 10% ABV Double India Pale Ale.

Greenshift is a gargantuan double India pale ale with a wide spectrum of hops. Citra, Amarillo, El Dorado, Nelson Sauvin, Galaxy, and Warrior varieties in the kettle create a planetary array of flavors. An infinite wavelength of aromas come from a supernova-sized charge of Citra, Mosaic, and Nelson Sauvin.

Celebrating their 3rd year in brewing, Beachwood released this huge double IPA to the masses during their anniversary part. I am unsure if this beer will see distribution but I hope it does. I did not get a chance to try it while I was there and they recommended I grab a bottle to go. So I was like screw it! Let us see how good this beer is.

Herbal, floral, grapefruit, grassy and piney hops, garlic, and oniony dank notes. Mild caramel, biscuit bread, some tropical fruits coming through like mango, peach, apricot, hop oils, kiwi, strawberry, honey and herbal spices.

Herbal, grapefruit, floral, grassy and piney hops, garlic and onion notes, basil, caramel, biscuit bread, citrus, pineapple hints, tropical fruits like mango and peach, hop oil resin, herbal spices, mild brown sugar, apricot and all sorts of hop bitterness.

Leaving with dry finish only herbal hops, citrus and some caramel remain along with hop bitterness. No alcohol in the taste, but sipping drinkability. It is also very crisp and refreshing having a medium mouth feel.

In the flavor profiles of IPA, this one falls strongly with the herbal hop type than the caramel citrus or intense Tropical fruit aspects which I really love and seek in IPAs. While it is a very delicious beer, I prefer the other kind of IPAs. Although, this one did have some tropical and malty caramel elements to it at different temperatures.. True hop heads can’t get enough of this one. At least in terms of the true hoppy and grassy style of IPA, this one knocks it out of the park for sure. Highly recommended if Grassy herbal dank IPAs is your thing.

Anime Corner:
Rydia from Final Fantasy 4 was used in this pairing to pair with the label colors and the whole green shift aspect. Rydia is a Summoner and a Black Sorceress so the whole Greenshift and aspect of change in one’s environment is what it is all about. That is what she does. So when you have a beer that shifts in all sorts of flavor profiles, nothing short of magic here.


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