Traquair House Ale by Traquair House Brewery

10370970_10101858702986280_3443371439098855350_nRating: 4.75/5

Traquair House Ale by Traquair House Brewery is a 7.2% ABV Scotch Ale/Wee Heavy fermented in oak barrels.

A handmade Ale Brewed in the ancient Brew House of the Oldest inhabited House in Scotland.

Traquair House Ale is a traditional Scotch ale or “Wee Heavy”, produced at the tiny Traquair House Brewery, located in the oldest inhabited house in Scotland. Brewed in 1783 copper kettle and fermented in oak vessels, it is a rich, complex and deep with firm but elegant flavor. Brewed by Traquair House, Innerleithen Peeblesshire, Scotland. Best before June 2018.

This is a beer I had way back in the beginning when I first started trying craft beers. I had this in 2011 after I did beer tasting with my friend Chino. I decided to pick this up to see how my palette has evolved and to give tribute an old ale made in the oldest house in Scotland.

Dark fruit plums, raisins, smoked peat, caramel, molasses, grains, oak, old leather, tobacco, funky notes, licorice, apples, anise, vanilla, brown sugar, dark chocolate and sour dough bread.

Dark Fruit raisins, plums, molasses, anise, funky oak notes, anise, vanilla, old leather, earthy notes, grains, toffee, clove spice, bubble gum, licorice, apples, brown sugar, floral notes, dark chocolate, and toasted sour dough bread.

Earthy notes, smoked peat, raisin hints and mild caramel. No alcohol in the taste. Full mouth feel and moderate to sipping drinkability.

A very good beer that is not overwhelming or offensive. In fact, those that do not drink craft beer may find this one to be a little heavy. For me, it had some nice flavors but nothing super complex. Still kept me interested for sure and the oaky funky notes is definitely something you don’t see in many beers. A great example of its style. A really nice touch and a definite try for all wee heavy fans out there.

Anime Corner:
Hatsune Miku was used in this pairing since I wanted to show something awesome in relation to the old house and classical times. The red flowing dress represents a floral and funky character that was given by the beer. Yes, she is wearing the fermentation process and dancing. Pretty damn fancy. Anyways, I couldn’t think of anything else aside from the fact that it has some Scottish colors too.


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