Coco Fizz by Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and Durango Soda company

1970611_10101703884568630_1243342809_nCoco Fizz by Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and Durango Soda company is a 0% ABV (Non-Alcoholic) Chocolate Craft Soda.

One of my favorite sodas that truly got me to try different sodas. I had tried this several years ago and had never done a small review on it. I don’t consider myself a craft soda expert but I will give my opinion on this one.

Cocoa, Chocolate Milk shake, cocoa powder, caramel, cola and Yoohoo.

Chocolate Milk Shake, Yoohoo, cola notes, caramel, mocha coffee notes and some mild artificial flavors.

Lots of sugar, chocolate, mocha left over. Moderately refreshing.

Probably the best chocolate soda ever. I have not tried other chocolate sodas so it is hard to compare or say it is the best. One thing I will say, when drinking Pancho Pantera breakfast chocolate shake growing up at my grandmas, the chocolate flavor or milk shake was stronger when I was younger than today. This soda brought me back to those strong chocolate flavors of back then. So, yes, I highly recommend this soda.

Anime Corner:
The girls from High School of the Dead were chosen for this pairing mainly because when I first bought this beer in Iowa in 2011 when I visited my friend Steve, I bought the complete collection DVD and also this soda. I actually took a picture with the cover of the DVD next to the soda. So this pairing has more of a personal story to it than actual colors or flavors. Unless you want to say that the chocolate matches one of the girl’s hair then have at it .

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