Woodchuck Cellar Series Hard Chocolate Cider by Vermont Hard Cider Company, LLC

1660287_10101694367959990_1589952985_n 923497_10101694368538830_1802611447_nRating: 5/5* Cider Rating

Woodchuck Cellar Series Hard Chocolate Cider by Vermont Hard Cider Company, LLC is a 6.9% ABV Apple Cider brewed with Cacao beans.

Woodchuck Cellar Series Chocolate features our original, small batch hard cider, complemented by cacao beans. The infusion of crushed cacao beans brings notes of artisan chocolate throughout the nose and taste of cider. A hint of caramel accompanies the full apple flavor with a dry finish. Cellar Series Chocolate is on of the most unique ciders we have ever crafted, and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do.
John Matson Cider Maker

Another sweet pick up from the local beer store. Who would have thunk that there existed a chocolate cider. That is pretty crazy as the concept is quite, well, WTF? I love chocolate so this is a no brain-er for me. I had to bring this forth to the site for a review.

Chocolate, caramel, apples, peanut butter, cherry, vanilla, tootsie roll, butterscotch, and

Cherry, Milk Chocolate, Milk shake, peanut butter, caramel, apples, mild biscuit bread, butterscotch, tootsie rolls and cocoa crispies cereal.

Dry finish with a bit of lingering chocolate and mild peanut butter. No alcohol in the taste, very easy to drink and refreshing.

This is freaking delicious, I ain’t gonna lie. I love Crispin ciders for their uniqueness but Woodchuck ciders has definitely stepped up their game here. This is is no joke, very good especially if you like chocolate and ciders. Almost reminds me of apple soda if it were mixed with the chocolate soda I had a while back. Get this one and give a try. You may or may not like it but just know, it is sweet as hell.

Anime Corner:
Saber from Fate Stay Night and Holo from Wolf and Spice were used in this pairing to compliment the label of the chocolate bars as being Saber’s chocolate armor but mainly the fusion of apple and chocolate that can be seen in the picture with Holo from Wolf and spice. It was very obvious I know but I figured this was the closest and most likely the best pairing to show case this delicious cider.

One thought on “Woodchuck Cellar Series Hard Chocolate Cider by Vermont Hard Cider Company, LLC

  1. I just heard about this chocolate cider thing a few days ago and I am excited to go out hunting for it. I hope we can get it over here in France- your review has inspired me!! Merci!

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