Yo Soy Ün Berliñer by Freetail Brewing

1000927_10101650972519800_24424596_nRating: 4.5/5

Yo Soy Ün Berliñer by Freetail Brewing is a 4.4% ABV Berliner Weisse aged in oak barrels.

So stood President John F. Kennedy at the steps of the Rathaus Schöneberg, preparing to deliver what would become his iconic speech in front of 450,000 free citizens of West Berlin. “Today, in the world of freedom, the proudest boast is Ich bin ein Berliner!” A half-century later, our country embroiled in bitter political debate over the most trivial of ideals, we present this wood-aged Berliner Weisse as a tribute to the world of Freedom and an olive branch of collaboration to all those who can’t seem to get along. For those who wish to drink it, “Lass’ sie nach San Antonio kommen” – Let them come to San Antonio! Ingredients: Pilsen malt, malted wheat; traditional German hops; top-fermenting yeast; lactobacillus; natural, limestone-filtered, Edwards Aquifer H2O; jelly-filled donuts.

This is the third Free Tail beer I have tried from Texas. Thanks to my good friend at www.beermetaldude.comfor hooking up a great of the great. So far, a lot of the Freetail brewing stuff has been awesome! I cannot deny their world classness in their ever growing brewery. Hope one day we can get some of their beers here in California. Thanks again Aaron and thank you Freetail, ya bat rastards!

Oak, Honey, oats, cereal grains, barley, wheat, citrus, lemons, grassy hops, funky brettanomyces, peppercorn, hay, and biscuit bread.

Lots of lemon, citrus, rich wood oak, biscuit bread, tejuino, teguacan, salt, sour apples, tart sweet lime, sour grapes, vanilla, wet hay, honey, cereal grains, oats, wheat, coriander spice, barley and sourdough bread.

Lemon, grains, oats, barley, grassy notes and mild sour apples. No alcohol whatsoever, moderate drinkability with a very refreshing, crisp and palate cleansing dryness.

While Berliner Weisse isn’t my favorite style, this is very good. It reminds me of drinking a tejuino or teguacan. One is a Mexican flour drink made with salt and lemon and the other is similar but with setzer water. Although, this beer is more way more than those basic drinks ofcourse. You have to have a good appreciation for sours and Berliner weisse beers to appreciate the qualities of this one. Also, the sourness is not overwhelming but fitting more of this style and more of the tart than sour aspects.

Anime Corner:
Wo-Class from Kancolle/Kantai Collection was used not for the color of the beer but for several aspects. This character is supposed to be some kind of Alien girl with a ship. In the series it supposed to be a fleet of WWII ships fighting alien ships. The ships happen to be these personified characters. The way it relates to the beer has to do with the label color but mainly the barrel aging process of lactobacillus in the oak that ferments the beer. Yes, literally, the little alien thing on her head represents that bacteria which makes the beer, in this case the “blonde girl”, sour out. The purple and red colors represent some of those oak and wine like properties of the fermentation. So yes, it is a stretch but it still looks bad ass. That and the fact that the girl has evil eyes like a vampire which fits the whole “Free Tail” bat of the beer. The girl is the Berliner!

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