Ol’ Oi by Jester King brewing

46142_10101623071603460_83014632_n 1606952_10101623072526610_1888985837_nRating: 4.8/5

Ol’ Oi by Jester King brewing is a 6.2% ABV organic Sour Brown Ale Aged in wine oak barrels

Oi! Dems was da good ol’ days. Rowdy gigs ‘n Stoke-on-Trent filled wif da stench o’discontented youf. Oh, but da times, dey do change. Da next t’ing ya know, you’re pluckin’ an upright bass in a Gypsy-fusion proto-funk jazz band an’ touring Stateside for a bunch o’ Yanks. But all’s well dat ends well as dey say. As far as I see it, I may be ol’ an’ soured, but I ain’t stale an’ stiff.

Thanks to Aaron of www.beermetaldude.com for another awesome Jester King beer of Texas. As I had said before about these guys, they have been quite the ordeal to get their good saisons here in California. Some of their best ones can only be bought in their brewery exclusively, so getting these for a review is quite an honor, especially a second one. Hopefully, one day Texas laws will favor the craft beer fans to allow for more distribution. Until then, we will still find ways to show some awesome reviews and pairings here on the site.

Deep funky wine grapes, dark tart cherries, caramel, oak, dark fruits, vanilla, biscuit bread, toffee, lots of funky sour notes but the tart cherry and toffee come out stronger.

Oak, vanilla, caramel, tart dark cherries, dark fruits like plums, raisins, biscuit bread, mild rye, lots of wine grape funky notes as well as a decent amount of acidity, apricots, apples, pears and mild brown sugar.

Still getting sweet tart cherries in the end along with toffee, earthy notes and funky wine grape that finishes pretty dry. No alcohol in the taste, but this one is a sipper.

A very good sour that drinks like an oud bruin or a sour flanders. While the sourness is the most overwhelming component, the sweet and tart flavors balance it out very nicely. If you enjoy sours, this one is one of the better ones. It definitely seems like it will get way better with age. Be sure to let it warm up too as that is when the magic begins .

Anime Corner:
Chyoba-sama of the Sand Clan from the Naruto series is one of the strongest ninjas and the leading master of the puppet ninja arts. I am using her for this pairing as I wanted to pair the artwork of the label with her and also to remind about how things get better with age. Even at her old age, she is still one bad ass and deadly ninja granny.


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