Yule Shoot your Eye Out by Karbach Brewing

1536479_10101609321219340_1436639056_nRating: 4.25/5

Yule Shoot your Eye Out by Karbach Brewing is an 8%ABV Spiced beer brewed with cocoa nibs and spices .

Dear Santa.

I know I don’t deserve anything special this year, but there’s a really awesome beer I’d like to get my hands on called Yule Shoot Your Eye Out. I know my boss will tell you I really botched the Penske file and I forgot my anniversary (again), but I PROMISE I will be good if you could get me some of that beer. It’s loaded with specialty malts, fresh ginger, cocoa nibs, orange peel and other holiday spices. I heard Karbach only brews a limited quantity so if you could just think back to that year when I was SO good and you got me the BB gun, that would be great.

Respectfully yours,


Another awesome seasonal from Texas provided by my friend Aaron at www.beermetaldude.com This time it is a Christmas beer. First time trying Karbach brewing so I am exited. This is normally not sold in California so if you want to get this one, good luck. If you are lucky, then you should definitely be in for a treat.

Cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger bread, dark fruit hints, fruit cake notes, caramel, toffee, mild chocolate notes, coriander spice, herbs and peppercorns.

Caramel, ginger bread, grapefruit, earthy hops, citrus, coffee notes, cinnamon, fruit cake, coriander spice, pecan notes, peppery spices, herbs, dark chocolate notes, raisins, orange peel, biscuit bread and butterscotch.

Dark fruit notes, earthy and citrus hop bitterness, peppery spices, cinnamon and caramel. Easy to moderate drinkability, no alcohol in the taste and medium mouthfeel.

A very good beer to try. It is a lot like a winter Black IPA almost since you get a good amount of hoppy bitterness along with some winter spices. Cocoa nibs are subtle but come out as the beer warms up. Worthy of a try as it is an interesting winter beer. Very good stuff.

Anime Corner:
Candy Cane Miss Fortune from League of Legends was included in this pairing to represent the Spirit of Christmas but also the beer itself. I wanted to find something that related to Christmas and Shooting. This girl is packing heat and those are not Candy Canes. She will shoot your eye out especially if you look at her the wrong way. Merry Christmas ya filthy animals!

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