5th Anniversary Barrel Aged Smoked Wee Heavy by Joseph James Brewing

66801_10101609323464840_949057398_nRating: 5.75/5

5th Anniversary Barrel Aged Smoked Wee Heavy by Joseph James Brewing is a 14% ABV Wee Heavy/ Scotch Ale with a 1/3 of the grist aged and smoked in bourbon barrel oak staves and then the overall beer aged in bourbon barrels.

In 2008, Joseph James Brewing Company was founded on the belief that there is a beer for every palate and beer should be shared and enjoyed. In celebration of our 5th anniversary, we have brewed a unique Scottish-style Wee Heavy beer that starts with 1/3 of the grist smoked over Bourbon barrel oak staves from our last barrel release. With two mashes and a 10 hour boil this beer is complex in flavor and has a strong alcohol finish. To complete the circle, this beer it was aged in Bourbon barrels for 6 months, providing the beer with an oaky bourbon finish.

As advised, by Uncle Henry’s Deli in Downey California, thanks to Omar and Cameron, this Wee Heavy is off the charts. They advised it throws the other wee heavys out the window. Even Better than Alesmith’s. This I definitely had to try for my self. What does the Fox say? Well, we will sure find out in this review.

Oak, Rich Milk and Dark chocolate, dulce de leche caramel, vanilla, bourbon, vanilla, flan, marshmallows, toasted coconut, dark fruits, scotch whiskey notes, campfire notes, brown sugar and currants.

Rich milk and dark chocolate covered raisins, dulce de leche caramel, marshmallow smores, scotch whiskey, mild anise, oak, vanilla, flan, mild campfire smoke, currants, cherry notes, mocha and fudge brownies.

Smokey oak, dark fruits, milk chocolate, scotch, marshmallow smores, earthy notes and vanilla. Alcohol is present but not subtle in the taste. A sipping beer best meant to be enjoyed, yet it has some great smooth qualities, so yeah, careful with this one.

Exceeding expectations. Once again, a beer that was able to get past the perfect score. Wee Heavy is a style that I don’t often try but the many I have tried have always been exceptional. It was the chocolate bourbon that did this one. As it warmed up, all I could taste was dark fruits and chocolate. So this one definitely got the extra credit thanks to the chocolate and bourbon character. The smoke lingers but very subtly later on. 

Anime Corner:
Krystal Fox from the Star Fox is the awesome vixen that pilots one of the arwings in the series. Many Furries can relate to this vixen as the vixen that makes normals turn furry for. The reason I chose her in this pairing had mainly to do with the fact that the label had a fox. It may be a small reason, but just as Krystal is very sweet and awesome, This beer is just like that. What did the fox say? Delicious!

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