Side Project #4 “Dos Cocoas” by Terrapin

1525469_10101588080271370_20787050_nRating: 5/5

Side Project #4 “Dos Cocoas” by Terrapin is a 5.8% ABV American Porter brewed with cocoa shells and cocoa nibs.

Our fans voted and Terrapin has delivered. In 2012, you elected the beer we should bring out of retirement. The winner? From 2008, Side Project #4- Dos Cocoas!

By using the freshest cocoa shells and nibs from Olive and Sinclair Chocolate Co. , our velvety smooth chocolate porter drips with luxurious excellence. Sit back and melt into this lusciously brewed beverage and enjoy all the succulent flavor this beer has to offer.

Spike’s brewing words of wisdom: “Keep this recipe away from Slugworth!”

Another awesome beer from Terrapin. This one I got from as it is difficult to find this stuff here in the west coast. They have other good Terrapin beers as well as Cigar City beers. This one in particular caught my eye because I found out it was made with different types of chocolate. Seeing as I love sweet and chocolate beers, it was easy for me to get this one.

Rich Milk chocolate, dark chocolate, fudge brownie, caramel, mocha, vanilla, notes of brown sugar and toasted coconut notes

Very rich milk, sweet, baker and dark chocolate flavors, espresso notes, earthy hop character, caramel, mocha, toasted coconut hints, brown sugar, cocoa powder, chocolate milk shake and chocolate fudge brownies.

Rich Chocolate, mocha and espresso along with earthy hop bitterness lingers. Easy to drink and no alcohol present in the taste

Another amazing chocolate brew. Complexity may not the winner here, but the chocolate is. If you are looking for a very chocolate tasting beer, this one is golden. Might possibly be better than Moo Hoo

Anime Corner:
While I have a difficult time trying to find out where this piece is from or even where the characters are from, my reasons for getting this piece of art work had to do mainly with the duality of using 2 different types of chocolate. One from the light and one from the dark. The shells and the cocoa nibs providing some delicious chocolate complexities. The duality of these 2 chicks in the picture represent that. Can you see how this artwork also shows about the beer? Let me know.


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