Dubbel Dare (Dubbel Coast) collaboration between Cigar City and Alesmith

1459307_10101525490147480_1146607088_n 1422351_10101525489972830_1553672955_n 488015_10101525490002770_940875465_nRating: 4.56/5

Dubbel Dare (Dubbel Coast) collaboration between Cigar City and Alesmith is an 8.5% ABV Belgian Dubbel


A tropical interpretation of a Belgian-Style Dubbel, Dubbel Dare is a collaboration created by AleSmith Brewing company and Cigar City Brewing. Keeping their local environments in mind, this dubbel was crafted implementing Coconut Palm Sugar instead of Candi Sugar. Coconut Palm Sugar adds caramel notes to the already complex malt flavor and has lower glycemic index than other simple sugars.

Deglet Noor dates and Black Mission Figs were added during active fermentation, adding another complementing sweetness to the grist bill and tying in beautifully with the spice & fruit aromas and flavors provided by fermentation with a traditional Abbey yeast strain.

Inspired by the late 80’s / early 90’s TV game show, Double Dare, this beer was brewed as a throwback honor to the challenge of creating a beer that was both a Belgian Dubble yet tropical. 

A mix of dark fruit and tropical fruits, rich caramel, pineapple, raisins, figs, dates, plums, mango, flan, peppercorns, apricot, coriander spice, nutmeg, cinnamon notes, chocolate hints, slight coconut, brown sugar, pecan pie, fruit cake and brown sugar

Nutmeg, caramel, pineapple, mango notes, pineapple notes, apricot, peach, raisins, figs, dates, plums, flan, orange slices, coriander, pecan pie notes, mild coconut sugars, coconut hints, kiwi, strawberry notes, biscuit bread, banana notes, clove spice, chocolate, peppery spice notes, cinnamon and hints of fruit cake

The flavors of caramel, tropics, dark fruit, pecan pie and nutmeg linger. Moderate to sipping drinkability. Hidden alcohol as well

It is a very good beer, but not a super duper dubbel. While it meets the challenge of diversity and tropics, it still not the best dubbel ever. Very good dubbel never the less and if you love Belgian Dubbels still up there with some of the greats. I would recommend a try from it but you may find others to be more inciting.

Anime Corner:
In this set of anime pairings, I have brought back Shiro and the gang from Deadman Wonderland into the mix. The relation to the beer has mainly to do with the whole aspect of audience entertainment and game shows. You see, Deadman Wonderland is a show about part of Japan being sunk into the ocean due to an earthquake and the main character, Ganta Igarashi, trying to save his hide as a prisoner by participating in prisoner games to gather points to save himself from a crime he did not commit. The whole setup earns money from the audience who watch inmates struggle through these twisted theme park games all for the purpose of rebuilding the cities. Shiro, the albino chick is Ganta’s child hood friend who helps him out. They find out that their blood posses some type of special power which helps them out through the ordeals. If we were to set who is who, Ganta is Cigar City and Shiro is Alesmith. These two are fighting the challenge which is Deadman Wonderland or Dubbel Dare to bring forth and awesome brew. The Red of the label represents the blood of their struggle. The artworks also fits with the beers as it shows Shiro eats a tropical dessert but also the fact that the beer uses coconut palm sugars. Sweet White sugar is a representative of Shiro, the albino girl as well as coconut being white on the inside. What other things can you find in this beer pairing?

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