Udder Love by Beachwood Brewing

1374718_10101453180676240_512568738_n 1385761_10101453180132330_529720014_nRating: 4.45/5

Udder Love by Beachwood Brewing is a 5.9% ABV Milk/Sweet Stout

Udder Love is a traditional milk stout that’s packed with rich flavors. We begin with British Maris Otter malt for a toasty foundation, then layer on three different types of British roasted malts for coffee and bittersweet chocolate flavors. The beer is finished with milk sugar from the heart of America’s dairyland, Wisconsin, adding a silky mouthfeel. Enjoy this smooth and luscious milk stout and fall utterly in love.
Do not Age!

Always an honor and a pleasure to support my local brewery community. This one comes from Long Beach California which is actually close to where I live. A couple of suburbs north though. The first time I visited the brewery, they still had not bottled yet. I have tried several selections of theirs from the source directly like System of a Stout, Full Metal Wee Heavy and Tart Simpson. They have several other awesome ones but this one was one that when released, it really caught my attention. I love sweet stouts, especially if they a very chocolate driven

Aromas are of milk, chocolate milk, sweet chocolate, dark chocolate, espresso, coffee, mocha, creamy vanilla and hazelnut.

The flavors are of coffee roast, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, mocha, vanilla cream, hints of strawberry milk, hazelnut, lactose sugar and brown sugar

Aftertaste leaves a bit of milky sweetness with nice dark chocolate hints and roasted coffee notes. Moderately easy to drink

Overall, it is a rich and creamy and very delicious beer. I have had better ones with a lot more chocolate but this one is just as awesome and sweet. Great offering from Beachwood and an awesome first review here at my site. Definitely give this a shot.

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