The Beast Grand Cru (Batch 10, 2012 edition) by Avery Brewing

1009815_10101302556208880_567324772_nRating: 5/5

The Beast Grand Cru (Batch 10, 2012 edition) by Avery Brewing is a 16% ABV Belgian Strong Dark ale

The Beast is a seducer – accommodating, complicated, powerful, dark and created to last the ages. Beyond this, it’s futile to attempt to describe Him. He will unveil Himself differently to each of His followers. The mark is in His constitution. Brewed with two-row malted barley, honey malt, and imported Belgian specialty grains (aromatic, pale wheat, roasted wheat, and Special , hops (Magnum, Galena, Saaz, Hallertau, Tettnang, and Hersbrucker), brewing sugars (raisins, dates, blackstrap molasses, alfalfa honey, turbinado, and dark Belgian candy sugar), water, Belgian yeast and another hellion of a yeast strain.OG: 1.138 

Obtained from a beer trade with my good friend Richard. He definitely went out of his way to find this one. I have heard of this beer but I have never really found it. This review goes out to him. Thanks again man . The Grand Cru style is one I don’t often get to try but from the many I have tried, they have all been great. This one is no exception

Aromas are of caramel, grapes, rich strawberry and blackberry preserves, cherries, raisins, plums, candi sugar, biscuit bread, walnuts, vanilla, fruit cake, citrus and rye

The flavors are of lots of sweet forward strawberry preserves, blackberries, raisins, rye bread, caramel, pecan pie, candi sugar, cherries, fruitcake, vanilla, apricots, citrus, hints of coconut and oak

The beer is quite boozy but the flavors cover up any alcohol burn. So while you still get to feel the alcohol potency, the complex flavors help it out a lot.

Overall the beer is freaking great, strong, deliciously complex and it will take control once you finish the last drop. I would definitely recommend this one if you can find it. Also, I wish I had more bottles of this. This is too good to pass up 

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