Special Edition Bavarian Nutmeg Virgil’s Root Beer

1002299_10101298799227900_123339407_nSpecial Edition Bavarian Nutmeg Virgil’s Root Beer (0.0% ABV  ) Non-Alcoholic

Using Natural Ingredients, we brew a root beer so pure, so rich and creamy, You’ll swear It’s made in heaven.

Virgil’s is a superb blend of spices and herbs gathered from the world over; anise, licorice, vanilla (bourbon), cinnamon, clove, wintergreen, sweet birch, molasses, nutmeg, pimento berry oil, balsam oil and cassia oil.

So here’s the deal, I was coming back from Las Vegas with a couple of my friends and we stopped at a store that sells Alien Jerky somewhere in the middle of the dessert. This store was packed with people buying items from Jerky, to hot sauces to craft sodas. I found this root beer and I was like wow, pretty neat. Comes with the cork stopper like a nice beer would. I am not that big into craft soda scene but I had the crazy idea to just do a review of this root beer since it is made with many ingredients. By the way, I have never reviewed a soda so I will apply some of my beer review skills to it, just for fun. Nothing too serious.

Aromas are of like a regular root beer. Licorice, cinnamon, molasses, vanilla and sugar. Nothing too crazy. I guess the real stuff is in the flavors.

The flavors are way better than the average root beer. Definitely getting some vanilla, sugar cream, nutmeg, licorice, molasses, cinnamon, faint chocolate, faint mint, hazelnut, brown sugar and caramel.

Wow, not too bad at all. Real good stuff. Not to be taken too serious but if you do, know that this special root beer is freaking awesome. I think that is all I can say as this is not beer . Still, if you ever find it at a craft soda store, yes!!, pick it up. The flavors are more complex than plain old root beer

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