Imperial Stout – Bourbon Barrel Aged a.k.a Black Gold by Full Sail Brewery

580112_10101105307342190_1810699105_nRating: 4.9/5

Imperial Stout – Bourbon Barrel Aged a.k.a Black Gold by Full Sail Brewery is a 9.6% ABV Russian Imperial Stout Aged in Bourbon Barrels. This is the Brewmaster Reserve 2013

A deep complex brew that is black as night with a strong roasted malt character and Full body. Brewed in December 2011, this stout was aged for 12 months in bourbon casks from Kentucky. This extended aging presents hints of vanilla and oak. Enjoy!

First thing I thought when I opened this was Old Rasputin Barrel aged and Black Xantus. The fragrance told me everything. Flan rich aromas with the caramel, vanilla, bourbon, oak, chocolate cake, coconut, bananas, chocolate, dark fruits, cherries, peaches sweetened condenced milk. The flavors are similar with the coconut, bourbon, slight anise, vanilla, oak, dulce de leche caramel, slight flan and sweetened condenced milk, slight soy sauce, molasses, chocolate chip, cookies and cream, raisin, bananas, almost like a rum aspect, slight chocolate cake, slight mocha and almost like a coca cola after taste but still bourbon strong. While it does have so many of the rich flavors like some of the awesome Bourbon Barrel aged beers I have tried before, the flavors don’t stay for too long and don’t have the same intense impact as Old Rasputin and Black Xantus. However, it is still a really great beer with awesome dessert complexity. Almost like a strong beer that tries to be close to what some of the best are but a ¼ step to half step down. Which is not bad at all. I wouldn’t say it’s easy drinking, but definitely one to take your time with. What I do like about this is the fact that you do get those awesome awesome flavors as you would with some of the higher players but the impact isn’t as mind blowing. Still pretty surprisingly good and delicious but not up to the most mind blowing, only ¾ mind blowing. If no Black Xantus or Barrel aged Old Rasputin is found, then go with this. Hell, if no other bourbon barrel aged beer is around, still get this.

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