2 Turtle Doves by The Bruery

379663_10100997912622070_59218585_nRating: 5.2/5

2 Turtle Doves by The Bruery is a 12%ABV Belgian Strong Dark Ale Brewed with Cocoa nibs & Toasted Pecans

The second verse of our “Twelve Beers of Christmas” saga begins with caramel and toasty, nutty malt with a luscious layer of chocolate. Happy Holidays!

The 2nd bottle their 12 days of Christmas. As soon as I opened the bottle I got a rush of amazing dark fruit character. Raspberries, cherries, grapes, raisins, plums, cranberries, blue berries, chocolate, cinnamon, ginger spice, hazelnut, dulce de leche caramel and some sweet bread mocha fragrance as well. The flavors are of dark chocolate covered raisins, cherries, slight wine funkyness, dulce de leche caramel, vanilla, oak, coffee, hazelnuts, walnuts, pecan pie, roasted almonds, chocolate mocha, whipped cream and coffee cake. This is a luscious desert in a bottle. I would only have to assume it is to die for when floated with ice cream. I will admit, I almost wanted to chew although it is just liquid ;). The aftertaste is a lot like a caramel, chocolate mocha, whipped cream and coffee. As for the alcohol it does no deter from the drink-ability or the flavor. It is kinda smooth going down for a 12% which is quite unheard of. What really wins for this is the flavor. Just way good. This beer has probably been aging for quite a while and has developed a great amount of complexity. It is freaking delicious.

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