Wolfgang by Great Divide

Rating: 5/5

Wolfgang by Great Divide is an 8%ABV Sacred Doppelbock Lager. This is actually more of an ale but well in Germany, Ales are their lagers….so fuck it :P.


Originally called “liquid bread,” the Dopplebock style guided monks through periods of penitent fasting. Wolfgang has heavenly notes of caramel, dark fruit, and toffee balanced by a subtle hop character. While its revered history evokes and appreciation of austerity and sacrifice, this Dopplebock is a rich luxury – no repentance required 

Upon trying this beer, I was like WOAH!!…IT was like really damn good. Like if you elevated an Amber ale to the status of a Belgian or German bock. While some amber ales focus on a balance of hops and malts, bocks are usually primarily malts. I have no idea why I get some of those amber qualities here. I think it is mainly because of the malts uses in ambers. This particular beverage is something special. There is a lot of bready biscuits, caramel, some dulce de leche, raisins, figs, pecans, hazelnut, cereal grains, chocolate, brown sugar, maple syrup, minor apple, sweet orange citrus, raspberry and cream. I honestly want to say it is like Rogue Dead Guy if he took a trip to the holy land to see the abbeys. Seriously, wow, this is was amazing….wow

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