Longfin by Ballast Point

Rating: 2.5/5

Longfin by Ballast Point is a 4.6% Munich Helles Lager. It has alittle bit more pilsner malts than some adjunct lagers. A lighter lager competing in a world of artificial metallic tasting beers like Bud, Miller, Coors, Corona, etc.


When the coastal waters near San Diego begin to warm up each year, anglers anticipate the return of Albacore Tuna, known locally as Longfin. This traditional German Style Helles is a great compliment to any cuisine, and the ideal choice for a warm-weather day. Ballast Point Lager, get the point!

So, we are into the fall, but here in So. Cal. it feels like summer on some days still. So for the days that feel like that, I think this beer probably fits those days. This is a light lager with minute flavors. It is meant to be a refreshing and crisp alternative to other lagers. Although some Munich Maltier lagers like Pacifico or Victoria I would prefer. Then again, those are not lighter all-around lagers. However, because this is Ballast Point’s lager I had to give a whirl. The beer taste primarily of light pilsner like a bud light but with more flavors and less metallic and artificial. Minor Malts, grains, grassy notes, sugar and minor caramel sweetness but not too much. I think this beer can easily beat other lagers like Stella or Corona. You know, so called “Premium Beers”. You don’t get any metallic after taste. Just sweet pilsner and very minor caramel flavor. Comes in a six pack so I had to try another one just to make sure I wasn’t missing anything. If you prefer to drink lagers like Coronas, Miller, Coors or Bud, you should be able to notice the smoother and less metallic and artificial bitter taste of this one. While not as delicious as the Staropramen lager, it is a champ in a a light lager world. Like is said, while it is not overwhelming in flavors, it does have just enough to make it a really good beer to those that haven’t tried anything outside the Macro brewery lagers. Give this a try and let me know what you think

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