Good Gourd by Cigar City

Rating: 4.8/5

Good Gourd by Cigar City brewing is an 8.5%ABV Imperial Pumpkin Ale. Another Pumpkin beer Review :P. Each different from the rest and yet always delicious.


Legend has it that when a pumpkin comes into the world it is possessed by either a good or an evil spirit. Ours got all the good baby! Bursting with real pumpkin flavor and yummy pumpkin spices including Ceylon cinnamon, Jamaican all-spice, Zanzibar cloves and nutmeg, Good Gourd is a celebration of Fall and that spookiest of holidays, Halloween. Pair Good Gourd with pumpkin soup, pumpkin pie and costume parties. 

This high Gravity gob of Gourd-y goodness incorporates pumpkin in the mashing process and then gets wicked with the spices including Ceylon Cinnamon, Jamaican All Spice, Zanzibar Cloves and nutmeg.

So here we have Good Gourd and well Good God this pumpkin beer is pretty good. Pumpkin sweetness like that of the Smashed Pumpkin with is sweet potato/yam/pumpkin sweetness but this one really works to add that and more!! It really is a pumpkin beer trying to become an actual pumpkin pie or bread. There are some major flavors of pumpkin, caramel bread, whipped cream, cinnamon, nutmeg, spices, vanilla, ginger bread, danish cookies, brown sugar and raisins . Pumpkin dessert in a bottle and quite the epic one. This one takes over so far from all the pumpkin beers I have tried so far except maybe Parcela. I will have to compare it since last time I tried Parcela was last year and that one was quite unique. This is one so good and delicious but because it is hard to find

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