Hop-15 by Port Brewing

Rating: 4.5/5 

Hop-15 by Port Brewing company is a 10% ABV Double IPA. It was a beer that was made a while back and was a favorite one of their hoppy ales. They stopped making it for a couple years until recently this year they decided to bring it back. This is my second time trying this beer as last year I had a not so fresh IPA. Though it was aged it wasn’t bad at all really. So if this beer was meant to be consumed fresh then fresh it will be. This is another DIPA which of the many I have tried have the citrus/piney/grassy hop flavors. Some more floral fragrant, some more spicy, some more tropical and fruity, some more with honey, vanilla or caramel flavor and some just plain herbal, grassy and ofcourse, bitter. After the first taste it reminded me similarly to what it was last year. Except possibly not as alcohol strong. This beers biggest characteristics are the sweet caramel, honey, and herbal hop flavor more than anything else. The piney and citrus flavor are there but as strong as other IPAs as the much more sweeter caramel malts with earthy hop grass bleeds through. The beer is more like a bitter sweet. The only fruit I can make out is possibly grapefruit and a little bit of mango with a bit of like an orange peel dry finish. I guess there is a reason to release this beer every year. It is unique in it’s own way and something I think many IPA lovers and hop heads will definitely enjoy. As far as last years review goes, I think the reason it aged well was because of those caramel malts…hehe go figure…

2011 Review:
Hop 15 beer is an IPA made by port brewing/The Lost Abbey. This was a hard to find IPA for me. I was able to find this beer recently at liquor store in West covina. To my surprise however, i had found an aged version of this beer. Normally, IPAs are NOT meant to be aged due to the hops being better as fresh as possible. The one I found was so aged that it still said Pizza Port. Which was what portbrewing used to be called some years back. So i decided to give it a try regardless. Even though hoppy beers taste better younger. The beer smelled good but it also smelled old. Its hard to describe. The taste of hops, caramel and other flavors were still present. However, the other taste of it was slighty stronger. I assume the aging has raised the abv from 10% to 13-14%. It was strong, not at first, but after i was done i was really buzzed :/… i would recommend if u try this beer, if ur into taste try it young, if u really wanna get trashed, lol then get ready to age it for quite a while >:P

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