Saison du Buff collaboration by Stone/Victory/Dogfish Head

Rating: 5/5

Saison du Buff, this is the Dogfish head bottled version of the beer. Last year I tried the Stone bottled one. Reminicent of the Eschatological BPA but not as strong. More sweeter and rose like though. 6.8% ABV and still the awesome estery and delicious flowery saison I remember. Breweed with Sage, Thyme, Rosemary and Parsley herbs and spices. No more words needed. The below is enough to cover my feelings toward this beer Xd. the trailer XD2011 Review:
DAMN!!!! I just got my ass kicked with flavor. This here be Saison du BUFF. ( Beer United for Freedom of Flavor). Brewed by the Greats as DogFish, Stone, and Victory brewing. This farmhouse ale is quite different. Yes you have you delicious wild yeast flavor in there but what if you took that wild yeast and tamed it, domesticated it and raised it like a good little yeast should be. Then you have this insanity of flowery flavorful concoction only known as the Saison Du BUFF collaboration brew. You get flavors of sweet citrus with apples, herbs from parsley, rosemary, thyme and sage. Just ridiculous amount of never tasted before flavors on my part. It truly is hard to describe as the only thing that may come close is the Still water artisan Stateside Farm House ale, but even then, that is only a small portion of the flavor I get from this beer. Dogfish added sweetness, Stone’s bitterness, and Victory’s complexity. I think mainly the reason why it is so good has to do because this beer tries to imitate a fancy meal at that :P. As time I got one was with Stone’s 15th anniversary Escondidian Black Imperial IPA which was like an Italian meal. No joke, that was very delicious. The sweetness of this beer would also make it a meal and dessert as well. LOL and unlike Wild yeast, it really isn’t sour at all :O which is extremely surprising for a farm house ale. Definitely a ride of experience worth the trying. I would EXTREMELY HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU FIND THIS!!….I had a hard time finding it myself :-/

One thought on “Saison du Buff collaboration by Stone/Victory/Dogfish Head

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