Raging Bitch Belgian Style India Pale Ale by Flying Dog

Raging Bitch, Belgian Style India Pale Ale at 8.3% brewed by Flying Dog brewing is one interesting little SOB. They say that when a woman is on her period, it is best to stay away. Then again even when not or even when she is mad and you don’t know why, it is probably best to let it have it her way. Just accept the masculine inevitability of defeat. As for women reading this, praise to you for we men cannot fully comprehend your ways and are sometimes at your mercy. We will try not to mess up the next time if we did wrong this time…LOL. The beer looks like it tastes…Sweet with bitter aftertaste. Caramel bread with citrus, pine and grassy hops. Some spicy and herbal notes are there as well. Some minor banana and orange but not enough to take away from the IPA essence. Sip carefully as she likes to be treated with great care. Unless you want to feel the ultimate rage. This is the second time I try this beer. For those who like Belgium and Hoppy beers, this fusion is pretty awesome. It is not as thick as a Belgian but it is crisp and refreshing.

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