Wytchmaker RIPA or Rye India Pale Ale by Jester King

Wytchmaker RIPA or Rye India Pale Ale by Jester King is a brewjery at 6.7 % ABV. The is a story that goes back to dark times when people were accused of witchery and sorcery. Times where stuff was just not fully understood. Unfortunately for the damned, they were done for :(. The real culprit for the Salem witch trials was not demonic possession. As I mentioned before in my review of the Black Cauldron Imperial, it wasn’t magic or evil they were making, but beer. In some instances, rye as key component for the brewing process, it was used mainly as a food or even for those to get drunk and start to see stuff. The stuff of magic is merely a science and how it chemically makes people react depending on what is done. This beer for many may or may not do it for you, but it will at least get you thinking about your choices in life, maybe even the type of beers you choose, but mainly your overall choices of betterment of the self. This beer has many types of flavors for a Rye IPA. It is very fizzy to start. Rye bread, notes of honey, Grassy and piney hops blend well with the rye/caramel bready goodness. Some nice peach and grapefruit. The odd thing about this beer is also that there seems to be some wild yeast at play similar to a saison of sorts. What mean sorcery is this :O. A beer that starts to change well as you go on? Some thing quite good indeed /-). This beer may not turn you into a witch, but it will make you see how good other selections of beers can be. Just like you have choices in life to do what you want, you have the choice to choose what you like to drink or eat or whatever….Enjoy the potions >:)

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